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Home-Improvement They are innocently sitting in everyone’s home and office, and are often the unnecessary victims of major cleaning sprees. The next time you are overtaken with the urge to .pletely spruce up your junk drawer, closet, or present wrapping bin, reconsider throwing out your perfectly good adhesive labels and putting them to good use. These highly underrated office supplies can ac.plish many things other than labeling and organizing. Since they are often stuck in the back of the desk, hidden away in craft or supply boxes, squished into junk drawers, and generally lost in a plethora of other spaces, we often go buy more when we need them, and then upon doing our spring cleaning, we find a mountain of labels, have nothing for which we can put them to good use, and therefore inevitably throw them away. The next time you stumble upon this magical stash of labels, stack them together and store them in an easily accessible location, because with the following tips, you won’t be able to get enough of these useful little stickies. " Organization – Yes, yes I realize that I promised you uses apart from organizing, but labels are simply so useful in this department that it would be neglectful not to stress their potential. You can de-clutter your home and office to the point where you render these major cleaning sprees unnecessary, and finally the things you need will be easy to find when you need them. " Garage Sales – Labels are crucial during this process. If you’re throwing the garage sale, neon tags are a great way to catch people’s attention and display the price of the item. Studies show that when an item bears a written price, people feel less .fortable in haggling, which means you can actually turn a bigger profit just by using these labels. For those attending garage sales, you know that in the land of the cheap, you have to pounce on quality items when you see them. Use old address labels, or write your initials on any ordinary labels and place them on items of interest to reserve them for when you’re ready to buy. Just be sure to check with the garage sale host first! " Gift Tags – There are adhesive versions of these in stores, but they tend to overcharge you for them just because they contain cutesy pictures. Design your own images or use adorable clip art from your .puter and either draw the design or print it out on ordinary labels. This is a great way to customize your own gift tags and save money on unnecessarily overpriced objects. " Crafts – The adhesive backing on most labels make them great guides for craft projects. Measure, draw, and cut your own design on the label. Peel off the backing and stick it on a plate, glass, piece of furniture, wall, etc. Then, paint the item. When the paint dries, you can peel off the sticker for seamless edges and a custom design on anything you like! " Label CDs and Media Items – Burning media is constantly growing in popularity; practically everyone does it. Label your burned CDs, DVDs, and video camera tapes so that you know exactly what you’re about to watch or hear. " Tape Substitute – This one is pretty self explanatory. Tape, unlike labels, never seems to be around when you need it. Labels are an excellent substitute for those times when you really need tape and cannot find it. Hopefully you can now see the potential in every little label. They are quite useful objects, and apply to a wide range of basic household activities. By keeping a pack or two around all the time, you’ll make life easier for yourself and stop wasting money on excess labels. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: