Customers — your Sohu and the late night dining room melia kreiling

Chun – night night canteen – your Sohu and graphic aramifish into the night there is a tree, through time and space feeling, as if exposure to Japanese style cartoons, so I had to laugh Hi, buddy, I came to the screen was spirited away? Lantern, cartoon, curtains, space is full of Japanese elements. Suddenly see a big fish on the wall of comics, and then think of the customers name, so the boss asked whether he has been associated, named array hot fish crab? The boss said with a smile, in fact they shop for almost a year, that time has not yet released fish begonia! Customers name is impromptu and take the cedar represents longevity of good meaning, and the night is because the shop after 5:30 in the afternoon to open the door, are basically in the night business, and drama in the late night dining room almost oh. Customers is the concept of Japanese cuisine desktop practices, provide guests a relaxing atmosphere for a meal. The boss said that when we eat a modern man is always holding a cell phone, the lack of emotional communication, so he sprouted an idea that is to let the guests personally involved, experience the fun of the kitchen. So customers some products are semi-finished products to their guests personally, they cooked taste again. The dish is [] and [pickled mustard Octopus skin], all two were very tasty. The octopus with a slight choking mustard flavor, spicy and crisp skin. [] the sashimi sashimi assorted cold dishes assorted cold dishes but a common component, after all, the price of 88 yuan is out there, so the price is still possible. [Korean] seafood pot soup with kelp soup and bonito soup broth boiled, add Korean seasoning, dishes rich, with prawns, meatballs, cabbage, taro, mushroom and so on, spicy taste, very appetizing, winter when used as a Hot pot bottom is also very suitable. [red] shrimp shrimp skewer to be big, but the strange thing is not like other home baked after the meat is very chai. The boss is the top secret original secret fire baked, although the shrimp shell has been crisp, but still fresh meat. [burning] miso crab shells stripped pine crab meat into the shell, pour a little wine. One is the sake, fishy flavor is two. And then covered with a layer of miso in crab meat on the table, with the small stove roast until boiling. [Beijing] chicken onion Chicken Skewer mission, and with a string of Welsh onion. The meat is slightly burnt and chewy. Two [Bacon] and [food fried fish flower Udon] is also very good. Join the onion fried rice and Stir-Fried Noodles with Vegetables especially fragrant. Fried rice fried Lili clear, Udon Q playing strength, with their home brewed sweet soy sauce, unique flavor. [] Scallop in Shell on Scallop in Shell burn small piece of cheese, baked until cheese is melted and the complete wrap can be Scallop in Shell. Baked a Scallop in Shell like pearls, looking ahead, quite a bead jade plate feeling. Bei Bei Bei Bei baked with fire is also very fresh and sweet ha. [grilled fish] [blue and white vinegar bottle steaming miso soup] [yuan] [相关的主题文章: