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Dalian in October 1st to achieve the "five card one, according to a code" – Liaoning Channel – people.com.cn original title: October 1st "five one, according to a code" reporter yesterday from the city Industrial and Commercial Bureau learned that in October 1st last year Dalian has started its business license, organization code certificate and tax registration certificate of "three in one, a photo of a code after the reform of the registration system, in October 1st this year, the city of Dalian and for social insurance registration certificate and registration certificate of statistics included in the reform of the registration system, the business license of a unified code of social credit issued by the Department of industry and commerce, market supervision, and the relevant registration information sent to the social insurance the statistical agencies and institutions, to achieve the" five card one, according to a code". Social insurance registration certificate and statistical registration certificate are no longer issued. According to reports, the "five card one, according to a code of conditions for registration, registration procedures and registration documents and materials of the same with the" three in one, a photo of a code. The reform will be carried out in all types of enterprises and their branches registered by all levels of industry and Commerce and market supervision departments in Dalian. Through the implementation of this reform, promote the industry and commerce, market supervision and management, human resources and social security, the tax department to integrate the work of merging and internal information sharing, enhance coordination ability, and further optimize the access process, reduce duplication of review, to facilitate market access. After the implementation of the reform, has received the "three certificates" business license of the enterprise is no longer required for "five one" business license. If an enterprise applies for registration of establishment or registration of change or applies for renewal of its business license, the registration authority shall issue and renew the business license for loading the unified code according to law. For the registration of social insurance certificate and statistical registration certificate, there is no need to submit the original social insurance registration certificate and statistical registration certificate when registering for industrial and commercial registration. Cancel the regular verification of social insurance registration and statistics registration certificate and replacement system, the original verification and renewal requirements submitted by the enterprise matters after integrated into the corporate annual report, by the companies to submit an annual report to the business sector and in accordance with the national enterprise credit information system (Liaoning) to the public. From October 1, 2016 to December 31, 2017 for the transition period, in the meantime, the original license remains valid, after the transition period, the business license shall be loaded with the same credit code, without renewal of the license is no longer valid. (wells Huiqun million (reporter Ba Jiawei Yao): gentle filial piety, commissioning editor Tang Long)

大连10月1日起实现“五证合一、一照一码”–辽宁频道–人民网 原标题:10月1日起实现“五证合一、一照一码” 记者昨日从市工商局了解到,继去年10月1日大连市开始实施工商营业执照、组织机构代码证和税务登记证“三证合一、一照一码” 登记制度改革后,今年10月1日起,大连市又准备将社会保险登记证及统计登记证纳入这项登记制度改革,由工商、市场监管部门核发统一社会信用代码的营业执照,并将相关登记信息发送至社会保险经办机构和统计机构,实现“五证合一、一照一码”。社会保险登记证和统计登记证不再发放。 据介绍,“五证合一、一照一码”登记条件、登记程序和登记申请文书材料,与“三证合一、一照一码”相同。此项改革将在大连市各级工商、市场监管部门登记的各类企业及其分支机构中进行。通过实施这项改革,推动工商、市场监管及统计管理、人力资源和社会保障、税务部门工作整合归并和内部信息共享,提升部门协同能力,进一步优化准入流程、减少重复审查,便利市场准入。 改革实施后,已领取“三证合一”营业执照的企业无需再换领“五证合一”营业执照。企业申请设立登记、变更登记或申请换发营业执照的,由登记机关依法核发、换发加载统一代码的营业执照。 对已领取社会保险登记证和统计登记证的,办理工商登记时,无需提交原社会保险登记证和统计登记证。取消社会保险登记证和统计登记证的定期验证和换证制度,原有验证和换证要求企业报送的事项经整合后纳入企业年度报告内容,由企业自行向工商部门报送年度报告并依法通过国家企业信用信息系统(辽宁)向社会公示。 2016年10月1日至2017年12月31日为过渡期,其间,原发证照继续有效,过渡期结束后,一律使用加载同一信用代码的营业执照,未换发的证照不再有效。(井惠群 万尧 记者巴家伟) (责编:孝媛、汤龙)相关的主题文章: