Debt Credit rating industry daily dynamics

Debt Credit: rating industry daily dynamic Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Moodie: British daily dynamic rating industry back in Europe after the bank can cope with the loss of pass hit 2 next year Moodie: multinational sovereign rating due to a variety of factors will continue to pressure 2 P: up 3 Hungarian sovereign rating Moodie: British banks can be paid back in Europe after the loss against the well-known rating agencies pass by Moodie the day before said that even if Britain leaving the EU single market in the banking industry in the loss of EU free operation of "pass", the city of London also survived, which made the UK’s financial services industry or will be a serious blow to the British retreat European worries eased. The European Union permits lenders and other financial firms to operate in a single market consisting of 28 countries without the approval of the state. Opponents of the withdrawal believe that the loss of this pass will have a huge impact on the position of the financial center of london. However, Moodie Investors Service analysts largely eliminated the doubts of London back in Europe cannot afford the consequences of the loss of that pass is "treatment for most banks and Financial Services Company". "Direct effect may only be moderate," the analysts on Monday (September 19th) said, "a greater impact from the higher cost of management and scattered attention, this will cause the company focused on restructuring, thus reducing profits in a certain period of time." This will have a negative impact on corporate credit, but its degree is acceptable. Other important factors, including capital and liquidity, are largely determined by international standards, rather than a substantial change in the UK’s return to europe." The future of the city of London will be one of the battlefields of the British government and the European Union after the negotiations to withdraw from europe. The German central bank chief Jens Weidman recently in an interview with the Guardian newspaper warned that pass with the single market access rights linked to Britain without access to the single market rights, financial services enjoyed by pass will automatically terminate. In this regard, Moodie agreed, but that the EU is about to implement the new financial instruments market regulations (MIFID) will make up for this loss. "It may allow the London International Investment Bank reserves into other EU members to the right of the market, to provide investment advice and other activities, including trade, the implementation of fund management and sales of financial products etc.." However, Moodie analysts admitted that London can not be completely free from the harm of Europe, some positions may be moved from London to europe. "In the course of the negotiations, some banks and other Financial Services Company may choose to move some of the UK based activities to Europe to eliminate the uncertainty they create." Moodie: next year’s sovereign rating will continue to be due to a variety of factors (Moody) on Wednesday (November 4th), said the global economic growth is slow, weak commodity prices and U.S.相关的主题文章: