Deputy chief of Nanchang procuratorate with 380 Suites a hospital Workers (video) windjview

Deputy chief of Nanchang procuratorate with 380 Suites a hospital: workers in October 21st, surging news reporter visits his wife Xu Linbao served as the legal representative of Jiangxi Lin Yang Investment Development Co. Ltd., the first floor of the hall office of the company normal display card. October 25th surging news field visits again, the company card has been removed. In October 25th, surging news (reporters) from the New District of Nanchang City People’s Procuratorate learned that the network transmission sitting on more than and 380 sets of real estate Nanchang high tech Zone procuratorate Xu Linbao, deputy chief of the duty crime is not the hospital, just ordinary workers. Xu Linbao is not the identity of the deputy director of the high tech Zone, deputy director of the Department of criminal affairs, but the preparation of ordinary workers." Member of the Party committee and the people’s Procuratorate of Nanchang hi tech Zone, the discipline inspection team leader Yu Li told the surging news interview, said Xu, now Lin Bao has been suspended for organizing the investigation, survey results have not come out now, the results of the investigation will form a unified report. Yu Li also said that Jiangxi province’s procuratorial organs on the matter are very concerned, Xu Linbao broke the news online resume part is true, there is not a part of it. Subsequently, the Nanchang hi tech Industrial Development Zone, the people’s Procuratorate at 3:55 on the afternoon of 25, the official website of micro-blog released a message saying: in the near future, there is a network of media to reflect the problems of our staff Xu Linbao. In this regard, our hospital attaches great importance to. October 1st, the establishment of a special investigation team, in October 5th, decided to stop working Xu Linbao, the organization surveyed. The relevant issues are under further investigation." Civil debt case pull under the name "100 suites" Nanchang high tech District procuratorate official website introduction to Chinese Academy of Sciences, the people’s Procuratorate of Nanchang City People’s Procuratorate of Nanchang hi tech Industrial Development Zone, sent to hospital, was set up in June 11, 2008, July 1, 2008 officially began to fulfill our jurisdiction. The hospital set up the office of the political department, investigation and supervision, prosecution, anti-corruption and bribery Bureau, anti malfeasance Bureau, the civil administrative procuratorial department, the complaint attorney and bailiffs at 9 departments, 30 tentative preparation of the special political and legal work, often the cause of the preparation of 3. In September 30th, one entitled "Nanchang high tech District procuratorate Xu Linbao traced more than and 380 Suites worth hundreds of millions of" post on the internet widely spread. The network said, 2014 Xu Linbao and son-in-law Long Yuewu to do business and joint development projects under the guise of Xu Linbao is a chief procurator, and there are a lot of real estate can be used as collateral to ensure repayment, Long Yuewu and Jiangxi Longyao decoration limited company as the main borrowing, borrowing has to several billion yuan, and to borrow money transfer to Jiangxi Lin Yang Investment Development Limited account. The net posts also said, part of the borrower to recover the funds hopeless, someone was tracking and investigation of Xu Linbao, Long Yuewu two people, found as Fu Keji cadres a Procuratorate, Xu Linbao and his wife and daughter under the name of real estate amounted to more than and 380 units, worth hundreds of millions of yuan, which has handled real estate license has more than and 180 units, net signed with more than and 200 sets of self occupied; Xu Linbao is more than and 200 square meters of luxury villas, and luxury car name. Who broke the news was posted on the Internet information and 100 Victoria Xu Linbao’s resume.相关的主题文章: