Dezhou men’s women salesmen dislike the other side and take away the gold necklaces-sayu-02

Dezhou man about female clerk to open the room enough for the other ugly taking away a symplectic gold necklace was born in 1982, that can be introduced into the insurance customers, took the opportunity to have relations with each other, each other feel ugly eat their losses, then take the other gold necklace. In September 12th, the people’s Court of Decheng district made a verdict on the case. The defendant, Xin Mou, was sentenced to 10 months in prison for a crime of robbery and a penalty of 4000 yuan. Shao is a person from Jingxian County in Hebei and a salesman of an insurance company. At the beginning of 2016, she introduced her acquainted with Xin Yu through a friend. Xin Mou lied that the road is very wide, can introduce a lot of customers, so the two people keep in touch through the network. In March this year, xinmou told shaomou can help link the carts into the insurance, but need to speak to Moulai Shao Dezhou, shaomou need new insurance to complete the task, so pleased to go. Shaw called a friend Li to help, two people drove to Dezhou. Then, Xin told Shao, he had opened a good room in a hotel, and told the room number, Shao asked Li to wait in the car, and then left. Lee waited for about half an hour downstairs, and suddenly received the WeChat sent by Shao. "A man dressed in blue took away my gold necklace, and you hurried up to save me." Lee rushed to the car parked on the roadside, along the stairs to the room where shaomou, see shaomou are wearing clothes, did not see shaomou said blue, then the two alarm. Shao introduced that when she came to the guesthouse, she had a relationship with Xin Mou for the sake of Xin’s customer, but then Xin Mou suddenly grabbed the gold necklace she was carrying and fled. The police were dispatched through surveillance video two call records and in the hotel, within a week will xinmou arrest. Xinmou confessed that he did not know what way, through a friend after shaomou to engage in illegal activities, has not found the opportunity. On the day of the case, he finally made an appointment in the name of the introduction of business, and then had a relationship. After the relationship, he suddenly felt that Shao was not so good – looking, and felt that he had a bad relationship with it. At this time, shaomou has urged xinmou don’t forget her orders, xinmou angry snatched each other’s gold necklace, to make up for their losses". After robbed of the gold necklace, Xin Mou found a small shop to sell the necklace, get more than 1400 yuan of stolen money. After being caught by the police, the necklace was also recovered. In September 12th, the German city people’s court hearing the case, the judge held that the defendant xinmou for the purpose of illegal possession, openly seize other people’s property, the larger amount, his behavior constituted the crime of plunder, according to relevant provisions of the "criminal law" in People’s Republic of China, sentenced to imprisonment for 10 months, and fined 4000 yuan. Source: Dezhou Evening News

德州男子约女业务员开房 嫌对方丑抢走金项链   1982年出生的辛某,谎称可以为对方介绍入保险客户,趁机与对方发生关系,事后觉得对方太丑自己吃了亏,遂抢走对方的金项链。9月12日,德城区人民法院对此案作出判决,被告人辛某因犯抢夺罪,被判有期徒刑10个月,并处罚金4000元。   邵某是河北景县人,是某保险公司的业务员,2016年初,她通过朋友介绍认识了辛某。辛某谎称路子很广,可以介绍不少客户,所以两人一直通过网络保持联系。   今年3月,辛某告诉邵某可以帮助联系几辆大车入保险,不过需要邵某来德州面谈此事,正巧邵某需要新的保险来完成任务,于是欣然前往。   邵某叫来朋友李某帮忙,两人驱车来到德州。随后,辛某告诉邵某,他已经在某宾馆开好房间,并告知房间号码,邵某让李某在车中等待,随后离开。   李某在楼下等了半个小时左右,突然接到邵某发送的微信,“有一个穿蓝衣服的男子把我的金项链抢走了,你赶紧上来救我。”李某赶紧将车停在路边,沿着楼梯跑到邵某所在房间,见到了正在穿衣服的邵某,并没有见到邵某所说的蓝衣人,随后两人报警。   邵某介绍,来到宾馆后,为了辛某所说的客户,她与辛某发生了关系,可随后辛某突然抢走她随身携带的金项链并逃走。民警通过两人的通话记录以及宾馆内的监控录像进行布控,一周内就将辛某抓捕归案。   辛某交代,他并没有什么门路,通过朋友介绍认识后就对邵某图谋不轨,一直没有找到机会。案发当天,他终于假借介绍业务的名义将邵某约出,随即发生关系。   发生关系后,辛某突然觉得邵某并没有那么好看,觉得自己与其发生关系吃了亏。这时,邵某一直催促辛某别忘记她的订单,辛某恼羞成怒一把抢走对方的金项链,想要弥补自己的“损失”。   抢走金项链后,辛某找了一家小店将项链卖掉,获得赃款1400余元。辛某被民警抓获后,项链也被追回。9月12日,德城区人民法院开庭审理此案,法官认为,被告人辛某以非法占有为目的,公然夺取他人财物,数额较大,其行为已构成抢夺罪,依据《中华人民共和国刑法》的相关规定,判处其有期徒刑10个月,并处罚金4000元。   来源:德州晚报相关的主题文章: