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The DPP "typhoon" ushered in the 30 anniversary of people took to the streets to protest Beijing – [Global Times special correspondent in Taipei Chen Mingyu] the Democratic Progressive Party from 26 onwards held in commemoration of the 30 anniversary of the party, and in the "presidential palace", nearly 70 "anti eviction groups gathered to protest. Thirty of the Democratic Progressive Party is in power in the peak period, not only the ruling, the "Legislative Yuan" more than half the seats, but also has the advantage of more than half of local governance. However, overall the ruling Democratic Progressive Party is leading Taiwan to a "a life-and-death matter" at the crossroads. September 28, 1986, former chief executive tour tin, Xie Changting, who gathered at the Taipei round hotel, announced the establishment of Democratic Progressive party. To commemorate the 30 birthday of the Democratic Progressive Party in Taipei on 26 Zhongshan city hall held Memorial photo exhibition, but was held on 27 "diplomatic reception" and 28 to return to the Grand Hotel held an enlarged central executive committee, because "Mei Ji" typhoon canceled, 28 on the Central Party committee held a regular Board meeting in. Not only the typhoon to make trouble, by "treasure root Association of Taiwan" and "Taiwan anti eviction online" and other groups, organized around Taiwan nearly 70 self-help organizations jointly participate in protests in 25 days in the "presidential palace" Ketagalan Boulevard in front of. Protesters asked the authorities to listen to their voices, and even encouraged people to live together in the presidential palace". Cherish the root Taiwan association chairman, Professor Xu Shirong said, a lot of injustice caused by the forced relocation of many refugees in Taiwan, the DPP side to build social housing security, housing rights, the other side is forced to move home, "should not show courage in the demolition of the house". A lot of self-help groups more named mayor of Kaohsiung mayor Chen Ju, Tainan mayor Lai Qingde and mayor Lin Jialong green in Taichung County, they dubbed a demolition and destroyed ", umbrellas, shoes and milk cans lost to their poster. United News Network said that there are nearly 100 units of the land expropriation and relocation of controversial cases, Cai authorities how to resolve one by one is undoubtedly a heavy test. Return to the ruling Democratic Progressive Party to win the election, the challenge is more and more difficult than in the past. In recent days, some of the Taiwan public opinion on this in-depth discussion. United Daily News, 26, said that for the majority of the DPP, the continuation of the regime is the most important issue, but Cai Yingwen’s ruling satisfaction in recent months has plummeted. A military source said, "before the DPP collision system, forced the Kuomintang to implement political views, but because of the Kuomintang is the ruling party, the idea is now to get power, various deductions, what to do, it becomes a problem". The DPP authorities, the biggest challenge is undoubtedly cross-strait relations. A military source said, the DPP came to power, not to provoke a pragmatic approach to Beijing, which can support how long? Legislators think how to solve the Chih Cheng lo, does not recognize the "92 consensus" in the case of the impasse between the two sides is a big problem. "United Daily News" said, in recent years, the DPP freeze independence argument, or claim to put forward a new resolution, mainly deal with the Taiwan independence platform and the resolution on Taiwan’s future "normal state resolution" three large file disputes. But Professor Chen Fangming believes that the people.相关的主题文章: