Ems Launches Pan-european Tour For It Giant Lenovo-dingxiangwuyuetian

Business The Lenovo Roadshow – the first exhibition trailer-based event marketing campaign for the brand – will give customers a hands-on experience of Lenovos pioneering range of products and services for the education sector. The primary target audience of the roadshows is decision-makers in higher education and enterprise, with students a secondary target. The intensive 13-week tour kicked off in Denmark on April 1st and from there the event marketing campaign will go on to visit Norway, Sweden, Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium and the UK. The 56m2 mobile trailer lab has been designed by EMS to deliver maximum flexibility for each country – by allowing it to be tailored with multilingual branding and individualised products. Detailed attention was given to the interior, which uses a range of cutting-edge, contrasting materials such as stainless steel and bright red glass to .pliment Lenovos corporate branding. The hi-tech fit-out of the mobile trailer includes Wi-Fi and cabled internet connections, power for the client server network and at least 25 PCs, wall-mounted plasma screens, air conditioning and sound systems. Marie de Beaufort, Relationship Marketing Manager for Western Europe at Lenovo said: "Were extremely excited about this roadshow – it will be the first time weve reached our European customers in this way; and because the budget is shared between multiple territories its a very efficient way to develop new business. "This powerful marketing tool will help us to visibly promote our brand and .municate face-to-face and more importantly allow European customers to feel, touch and understand who we are. EMS has delivered an innovative interior that truly conveys the vibrancy and attractiveness of our product range." Justin Isles, Client Services Director at EMS said: "We are delighted to yet again demonstrate our expertise in managing a .plex pan-European campaign in this partnership with Lenovo. They, like other leading brands, recognise the power of taking products direct to customers – and this innovative campaign, tailored to meet the needs of each country, shows that language is no barrier when it .es to roadshows." Last month, EMS launched a mobile trailer lab for Ciena, which is currently showcasing its .working and software products across Europe. A growing number of EMS clients are also benefitting from technology demonstration roadshows, they include Infinera, Cisco, IBM and Samsung. Ref: EMS-HS-150411 About the Author: 相关的主题文章: