European bond market this week, the volatility of the Portuguese debt crisis came to the forefront-gamelink

[European bond market] Portuguese bonds this week, volatility in the European debt crisis a surge of FX168 – Portuguese bond yields the biggest weekly gain since this week hit more than two and a half years, by the European banking sector and the health of the global economy worries dragged down, investors will be regarded as the eurozone weak links in portugal. Portuguese debt yields turbulence this week, reminiscent of the bond market performance during the 2011-2012 years of the European debt crisis. Because the market is worried about the country’s parliament to accelerate income tax cuts, the increase in indirect taxes to cancel the plan against Portugal Portugal reform, 10 – year Treasury yield volatility this week reached 143 basis points; this is the July 2013 Portugal two ruling on the maximum amplitude of the budget differences since the week. According to data provider Markit data, the Portuguese government bond costs also rose to the highest since October 2013. Investors questioned whether the new Portuguese government would stick to a budget plan that was agreed with the European Commission on Friday. The draft budget calls for indirect tax increases to meet the EU’s deficit requirements. Portugal is also faced with the risk of losing the ECB’s QE program. As soon as Portugal is downgraded, it is unable to meet the minimum rating required by the ECB plan. Peng Bo wrote: "the Portuguese debt investors, 2016’s ups and downs, but history tells us that all this would not stop the short term." Europe’s high debt and deficit countries bond plunged this week, Portugal is the first to bear the brunt. On Friday, Portugal’s 10 year treasury bond yields fell 37 basis points to 3.73%, while intraday gains of 34 basis points. The yield rose to 4.53% on Thursday, the highest since March 2014. Portugal’s 10 year Treasury yields were up 65 basis points on Friday, the biggest weekly gain since July 2013. (source: Peng Bo, FX168 financial network) Portugal 2 year Treasury yields essentially flat at 1.20%, intraday rose to 1.76%, the highest since May 2014. Fitch, Moodie and standard & Poor’s have Portugal’s sovereign ratings lower than the investment class. Italy’s 10 year treasury bond yields fell 6 basis points to 1.65%, up 10 basis points this week. Spain’s 10 year treasury bond yields fell 4 basis points to 1.74%, up 10 basis points this week. 10 German 10-year bond yields rose 9 basis points to 0.26% from Thursday and nine and a half months low of 0.13%, following the 8% trend of soaring oil prices, oil prices helped ease the decline in inflation worries. But because of the Chinese economic growth prospects, and the recent global central banks to implement negative interest rates and bank profit loss concerns triggered global market turmoil, the 10 10-year German bond yields so far this year is still down about 37 basis points. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

【欧洲债市】葡萄牙国债本周剧烈波动 欧债危机一幕涌上心头   FX168讯 葡萄牙国债收益率本周创下逾两年半以来的最大周线涨幅,受对欧洲银行业及全球经济体质的担忧拖累,投资者将葡萄牙视为欧元区脆弱环节。本周葡债收益率走势动荡,令人回想起2011-2012年欧债危机时期的债市表现。   因为市场担心该国国会加速取消收入减税、增加间接税赋的计划会打击葡萄牙的改革,葡萄牙10年期国债收益率本周波动幅度达到143个基点;这是2013年7月葡萄牙两个执政党就预算问题分歧以来的最大周波幅。   根据数据提供商Markit数据,葡萄牙政府发债成本也升至2013年10月以来最高。   投资者质疑葡萄牙新政府能否坚持上周五与欧盟执委会达成一致的预算计划。该预算草案要求间接增税,以满足欧盟对于赤字的限制要求。葡萄牙还面临失去欧洲央行量化宽松(QE)计划保护的风险。葡萄牙评级只要再被调降一级,便无法达到欧洲央行计划所要求的最低评级标准。   彭博撰文称:“对葡萄牙国债的投资者而言,2016年真是波澜起伏,而历史经验告诉我们,这一切短期内不会停止。”   欧洲高负债、高赤字国家债券本周大跌,葡萄牙首当其冲。周五收盘葡萄牙10年期国债收益率跌37个基点,至3.73%;而盘中一度上涨34个基点。该收益率周四曾升至4.53%,为2014年3月以来最高。   葡萄牙10年期国债收益率收益率较上周五收盘上涨65个基点,为自2013年7月以来的最大周线涨幅。   (图片来源:彭博、FX168财经网)   葡萄牙2年期国债收益率基本持平于1.20%,盘中升至1.76%,是2014年5月以来最高。   惠誉、穆迪和标准普尔对葡萄牙的主权评级均低于投资级。   意大利10年期国债收益率跌6个基点,至1.65%,本周累计上涨10个基点。西班牙10年期国债收益率跌4个基点,至1.74%,本周累计上涨10个基点。   德国10年期国债收益率上升9个基点至0.26%,脱离周四所及九个半月低位0.13%,跟随油价飙升8%走势,因油价上涨帮助缓解通胀下滑的忧虑。   但因对中国经济增长前景,以及最近全球多家央行转而实施负利率可能损及银行利润的担忧引发全球市场动荡,10年期德债收益率年内迄今仍下跌约37个基点。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: