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Feng Xiaoting: give me 10 minutes to reverse back to Korea home court will defeat their opponents Feng Xiaoting encourage Phoenix sports news Beijing time at 19:002018 on September 1st in Russia in the Asian World Cup qualifiers for the 12 race group A first round, Chinese national team away with South Korea national team in Seoul World Cup stadium. Ultimately, the Chinese team lost to the Korean team 2-3. After the game, Feng Xiaoting and Hao Junmin accepted the interview. Feng Xiaoting said bluntly, if in 10 minutes, we will draw or win goal! Back to the home is to take 3 points! After the game, Feng Xiaoting said in an interview: "I also feel a little regret, the opponent’s overall strength and ability we are on top, we have solid defense, but opponents played several times after the attack some chaos, finally there are several opportunities not hold, if in 10 minutes, we will draw or goal. We must return to the home court to beat his opponent to beat them. Opponents attack is very targeted, we do not do well in some detail, gave the opponent some opportunities. Back home is to take 3 points!" The game, Hao Junmin scored 1 goals, Yu Hai’s goal also has a great relationship with him, for this game, "Hao Junmin said, according to the results from the field ready for deployment, said sorry, but the players very seriously, if you can do better, the results will be better. There are 9 games and I think we can do better. In our hearts, we have never been afraid of any opponent. This game is a start, we will make persistent efforts to do better!" (fertilizer:)相关的主题文章: