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FFF icon in prison cartoons no reflection island people more Zhi, a serial arsonist and former idol Li Xiang Hui Ping network in prison had a very moist. In her spare time, she painted prison life in the cartoon called KUMAERI coffee, which was relaxed and cheerful, and was bombarded by Japanese netizens. We can see in the cartoon that she painted the unique "Girl ‘s Talk" in prison (the conversation between girls) and the newly improved "fast food" new method of eating. When it was exposed, it was bombarded by netizens, who didn’t reflect on their mistakes at all. It was said that Hirata Erika was a wizard before he entered the cell. From the beginning of April 2006, she will visit the city for arson in Japan, burned, gymnasium, wood cottage, bicycles, and even went to Chino to fire. In the name of "KUMAERI", she became a FFF group idol by publishing a fire portrait in her blog. (uh, it’s all right). She was sentenced to 10 years in prison after the falling net. (there were shorter sentences than this in Japan). Perhaps is too boring, she will be in jail interesting drawing into the cartoon, not know she was open-minded or scold her not, without rhyme or reason, she also trustee of the comics published online, and want others to read about submission. Let’s see what the Japanese netizens say. "Go in and think about it!" "Does she think anything does not matter?" "It’s crazy to think red." "Is the life of the prison very good?" "So the rate of crime can’t come down."

FFF团偶像在牢里画漫画完全没反省岛国儿女多奇志,连续纵火犯兼前网络偶像平田惠里香在牢狱里过得很滋润。她闲暇之余将牢狱生活画在名为《KUMAERI咖啡》的漫画中,内容轻松愉快,被日本网友炮轰“那个纵火犯根本没有反省!”我们可以在漫画里看到她将牢狱里特有的“Girl’s Talk”(女生之间的交谈)和独自改良的“牢饭”新吃法画了进去,一经曝光便遭到网友炮轰——根本没有反省自己的错误。说起这个平田惠里香在进牢房之前就是个奇才。从2006年4月开始,她便在日本诹访市连续纵火,烧过体育馆、木材小屋、自行车,甚至跑到茅野市去放火。她当时以“KUMAERI”为名,通过在博客中发表火灾写真连载而成为了FFF团偶像(嗯,各种意义上都没错)。落网之后她被判处10年有期徒刑(在日本杀人都有比这更短的刑期)。也许是过得无聊了,她将监狱里有趣的事情画进了漫画里,不知道该夸她生性豁达还是骂她没头没脑好,这不,她还托人把漫画发布到了网上,并且希望别人投稿读完的感想。我们来看看日本网友怎么说吧。“进去了就好好反省啊!”“她是不是觉得什么事都无所谓了?”“想红想疯了吧。”“监狱的生活是不是太好了?”“所以犯罪率才降不下来啊。”相关的主题文章: