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"Figure 2" explosion Volleyball Final Trailer 9.24 Sohu launched video blood – Sohu entertainment   "in the mood for Volleyball 2" in September 24th will be the Sohu video of the whole network independent broadcast in September 23rd 2 "in the mood" [Click to watch the volleyball Volleyball "in the mood"] broke the ultimate version of the trailer, Kim Soeun, Li, Jin Shanxiong, Shen Xuanzhu, root Li Hao, Pei Zhenxiong, Jiang Xi, Cui Chengguo and others all appeared. This video by Sohu and South Korea Kim jonghak jointly produced film and television production company blood pure love drama, in September 24th will be the Sohu video of the whole network independent broadcast every Saturday night, eight point two free.   "in the mood" poster Volleyball 2 double Kim Soeun Li Yuangen Jin Shanxiong staged a high value blood Yan honey love storm from the ultimate notice exposed piece can be seen, "in the mood" Volleyball 2 story happened in University campus. Kim Soeun, who played horns, appeared on the different character of the twin sisters. My sister is the Han Duoyun hundred-percent Curve Wrecker, but in "love" on this matter at a loss what to do. In college, Han Duoyun (Kim Soeun ornaments) and had occupation volleyball player Dong Haixing (Li Yuangen ornaments) and senior volleyball minister Gao Yike (Jin Shanxiong ornaments) three people out a blood surging emotional entanglements, and mutation twin sister and let the three emotions happen unexpectedly. When the Youth Volleyball 2 "reproduction" in the mood for college life except throughout the pure love story on volleyball, volleyball "pattern 2" represents the current college life. The story of people, in addition to the university campus Belle, with beautiful young, adorable senior assistant, and occupation volleyball idol’s blessing, the story also reflects the general appearance of the life of College students. In the story, to participate in the community, elective courses, volleyball games, community activities rehearsal…… Will let users have a strong sense of substitution. "Figure 2" Sohu volleyball video of the whole network independent broadcast, September 24th eight every Saturday night in the 2 free video Sohu members see complete gold!相关的主题文章: