Find Out Why Your Toshiba Laptop Wont Charge The

.puters-and-Technology Many people have the problem where their Toshiba laptop won’t charge the battery. This problem is not exclusive to Toshiba laptops, and most of the .mon reasons and solutions apply to all laptop brands. This article will help you find the reason for the battery problem. You might need to spend some money for a new battery or charger, but it shouldn’t be too expensive. Check the Power Source If you notice that the laptop is not charging, then go over to the power source and look at it. Is the outlet defective or not working? Try plugging the battery charger into another outlet. If the problem persists after checking all the outlets, then get another device. Plug it into the outlets and see if it works. If so, then the outlets are fine. If not, then you need new outlets. Defective Battery The Toshiba laptop’s battery might just be dead. This tends to be un.mon, but most .puter batteries steadily decrease in efficiency until their charge only lasts a short while. Testing the battery can be difficult without buying some extra equipment. The best way to test the battery is to buy a new one. Place the new battery in the laptop, and try to charge it. If it is the battery, then you can prolong the life of the new battery to keep this from happening again. Plug the battery in only when it is almost dead, and do not leave it plugged in overnight. Bad Charger The next possible problem is the charger itself. If the charger is malfunctioning, then it will be unable to power the battery. Start by looking at the charger. See if there are any wear marks in the wiring, as this can keep the charger from properly working. The wire might look perfect, but it can still malfunction. Most .puter stores allow you to try out new chargers right there without having to buy them. Bring your Toshiba laptop to one and plug in a new charger. If it works, then buy the new charger to solve the problem. Dirty Contacts There is another solution that doesn’t require buying any new hardware. The area where the charger plugs into the .puter can be.e dirty, and most people don’t actively clean this area. If the dirt gets too thick, then it will prevent the charger from performing its task. Get some rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab. Lightly moisten the swab, and then put the swab in the charging area to clean out all the dirt. Drenching the swab in alcohol can cause problems for the .puter, so be sure that you only use a little. Try the charger again to see if this solved the problem. Broken Charging Mechanism The charging mechanism where the charger plugs in can also be broken. This is one of the least .mon problems, but it can happen if the charging mechanism is hit, or if the mechanism is just old. Getting the charging mechanism changed usually isn’t too expensive for a Toshiba laptop, but it is .monly too difficult for a regular .puter user to do. You will probably need technical help with changing the charging mechanism. Conclusion It’s always frustrating when a Toshiba laptop cannot charge. This is especially true if you need to get some work done, but you can’t do anything because the laptop won’t turn on. Try these different resolutions one by one to fix the issue. Getting your laptop to charge again generally isn’t hard, but it can be a little expensive to buy the hardware or to get the .puter serviced. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: