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For two consecutive years in the pool water exceed the standard urea   77 Bally pool is Interviews – Health Channel – Beijing in September 2,   (Gao Yinan) the day before, the Beijing Municipal Health Authority interviewed 77 companies for two consecutive years in the pool water exceed the standard urea unit, the improved water quality requirements. According to the Beijing Municipal Health Supervision Institute official website news, the water quality of more than and 600 swimming places this year the relevant departments of the inspection supervision, including the total number of bacteria, coliform bacteria, urea, turbidity, pH value and other projects, which in addition to the urea index only 74.57% pass rate, pass rate of up to 95% more than other basic, and showing a rising trend of which only urea nearly two years pass rate declined. To this end, the Beijing Municipal Planning Commission of Beijing Friends International Fitness Club Co. Ltd., Beijing fitness Cci Capital Ltd Bally shop in Asian Sports Village, sunshine (Beijing) International Fitness Club Co. Ltd., Beijing richeschem fitness company 77 consecutive years of focused interviews in the swimming pool water sampling supervision units exceed the standard urea. Beijing city health supervision by the relevant responsible person said in interviews at the meeting, the normal temperature of the swimming pool is 22-26 DEG C, chlorine disinfection effect of water quality reflect the normal value of 0.3-0.5mg L, the normal value of comfort pH reflecting water is 6.5-8.5. The main reason for the low passing rate of urea in swimming pool water can not be effectively circulation purification and pool water quantity, water. Next, for illegal units be punished, through exposure, publicity, interviews and other forms, strengthen social supervision, promote the industry supervision. The city will also be targeted for administrative supervision, supervision departments to submit suspected violations of administrative discipline clues. According to reports, in the future, the City Planning Commission will further strengthen the supervision and enforcement of the swimming place, focusing on reducing the pool water urea content, to further improve the overall pass rate of swimming pool water. (right: Xu Xinyi Juan, commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: