Fourth, fifth episodes of rouge TV series Song Mian found that blue Rouge may be exposed — the

"Rouge" TV series episode fourth, fifth Preview: Song Mian found blue Rouge may be exposed – Heilongjiang Channel – original title: "rouge" TV series episode fourth, fifth Preview: Song Mian found blue rouge rouge may expose the third set introduced the blue Rouge formally joined the Congress decided to help save the blue Rouge save Congress this time but song, once into the spy world barely know, no one can go out, he wanted to stop the blue rouge, but it was too late. Go to the blue Rouge also have specially bought a gift for Feng Manna, and asked her if the last Rouge box is in the Feng family, Liu Ma said that I’ve seen blue rouge rouge box wastebasket in the study of Feng Zixiong, Mrs Feng listen to immediately stop Liu Ma continued and scolded her big mouth. Blue Rouge with Feng Manna in the terrace chat, Feng Manna said Feng Zixiong said on the one or two day Japs bombs will fall on their head, they will soon know what is littered with corpses, blood. Blue Rouge secretly really seen her mother willow Rouge box, Liu Ma has just been reprimanded by Mrs Feng, only then changed it dazzled wrong. Blue Rouge secretly went to Feng Zixiong’s study, found that the unburnt scraps of information at this time, Mrs Feng back, strange what the study door locked, heard the sound of the blue Rouge hurriedly hid under the table. Mrs Feng will take back from the Bank of gold bullion into the safe, if Mrs Feng has left out from under the desk, blue rouge, will soon take scraps of paper to Wan Zhichao, Wan Zhichao sure Feng Zixiong has a problem, and now can only contact Feng Zixiong blue rouge, song Mian tried everything to make blue Rouge back the Feng family again. Please excuse Mian song blue coffee Rouge for her help, blue Rouge with friends said friendship and trust to exchange information, unless the song Mian persuade her, or fall in love with her, just could not clear the song, because he has a sweetheart, blue Rouge grabbed the wallet and saw a song Mian. Photo in the interlayer, the woman in the photo she called Lin Tianmu, is her classmate but in different classes, let the song take her to see Lin Tianmu. Song Mian drive blue rouge to see Lin Tianmu, at the intersection when also bought a bag of sweets, came to the church, Lin Tianmu is teaching a group of children, while song Mian buy candy is for those children. It was told in the chat that all the children were from the northeast. A child ran to the street with a steamed bread. The blue Rouge went out. At this time, there was a devil’s bomber on the top of his head. The blue Rouge remembered that when Feng Manna was speaking on the terrace that day, he had a very heavy heart, and at the same time, he carried the child to a safe place. Blue blush slightly wounded, in the hospital, with the blue song Mian rouge to apologize, he has not agreed to the innocent people involved, but sometimes it is also under the current affairs, blue Rouge decided to join the national salvation Council, but she has a condition, if Feng Manna did not participate in espionage, 000 Zhichao ensure von Mena. Wan Zhichao readily agreed. Feng Zixiong arranged the shadow contact communication between Feng Manna and the engagement party, and let the shadow hide the intelligence in Feng Manna’s letter. The shadow is the code name. He is the chief adviser Zhou Hanguang of the Nanjing Military Commission. The shadow went to the letter, but a suspicious person was found, so he followed it all the way, but he didn’t get it. The so-called suspicious person was Zhou Yuhao, a secret agent of the Communist Party of China and a staff member of the Nanjing Military Commission. Shanghai underground liaison Li Jie had sent out the shadow of the letter, told Zhou Yuhao that the real secret should be in the two airmail stamps. (commissioning editor Li Zhongshuang and Ding Yang)

《胭脂》电视剧第4、5集剧情预告:宋勉发现蓝胭脂可能暴露–黑龙江频道–人民网 原标题:《胭脂》电视剧第4、5集剧情预告:宋勉发现蓝胭脂可能暴露   胭脂第3集剧情介绍   蓝胭脂正式加入救国会   蓝胭脂决定就帮救国会这一次,但宋勉知道一旦踏入间谍的世界,从来就没有人能走出来,他想阻止蓝胭脂,但已经来不及了。蓝胭脂去冯家还特地买了礼物送冯曼娜,同时问起上次她的胭脂盒好像是落在冯家,柳妈说在冯子雄书房的废纸篓里见过蓝胭脂的胭脂盒,冯夫人听了赶紧阻止柳妈继续说下去同时训斥她多嘴。   蓝胭脂跟冯曼娜在露台聊天,冯曼娜说起冯子雄说就这一两天的时间日本鬼子的炸弹就会落到他们头上,他们很快就会知道什么叫横尸遍野,血流成河。蓝胭脂偷偷问柳妈是否真的见过她的胭脂盒,柳妈因刚刚被冯夫人训斥过,这时只能改口说是眼花看错了。   蓝胭脂偷偷去冯子雄的书房,发现那个未烧尽情报的碎纸片,此时冯夫人回来,奇怪书房的门怎么锁上了,听见声音的蓝胭脂赶紧藏在桌底下。冯夫人将从银行拿回来的金条放进保险柜,估摸着冯夫人已经离开,蓝胭脂从书桌底下出来,很快将碎纸片拿给万志超,万志超确定冯子雄有问题,而如今能接触冯子雄的只有蓝胭脂,要求宋勉想尽一切办法让蓝胭脂再次回到冯家。   宋勉借口请蓝胭脂喝咖啡感谢她帮了大忙,蓝胭脂表示不会用朋友的友情和信任去换取情报,除非宋勉说服她,要么就爱上她,宋勉明确表示不可能,因为他已经有心上人了,蓝胭脂抢过宋勉的钱包,在夹层看见一张照片,照片上的女人她认识叫林天沐,是她的同学但不同班,让宋勉带她去见林天沐。   宋勉开车带蓝胭脂去见林天沐,在路口时还买了一大袋的糖果,来到教堂,林天沐正在教一群孩子,而宋勉买的糖果就是给那些孩子的。聊天中得知,这些小孩都是因为打仗从东北来的。有个小孩拿着馒头跑到街上,蓝胭脂跟了出去,此时头顶上有鬼子的轰炸机,蓝胭脂想起那天在露台时冯曼娜说的话心情十分沉重,同时将那小孩抱到安全地方。   蓝胭脂受了点轻伤,医院里,宋勉跟蓝胭脂道歉,他是一直不同意把无辜的人卷进来,但有时候也是迫于时事,蓝胭脂决定加入救国会,但她有个条件,如果冯曼娜没有参加过间谍活动,万志超得保证冯曼娜没事,万志超爽快的答应了。   冯子雄安排冯曼娜跟有婚约的影子接触通信,让影子把情报藏在给冯曼娜的信中,影子是代号,他是南京军事委员会少校参谋周汉光。影子去寄信,却发现一可疑人,于是一路追踪,但并没有收获,而那个所谓的可疑人是周宇浩,中共特工,南京军事委员会参谋。上海地下党联络员李杰拿到了影子寄出去的信,告诉周宇浩真正的秘密应该在那两张航空邮票上。 (责编:李忠双、丁洋)相关的主题文章: