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From OPPO VIVO body, really want to learn from what? Science and technology Sohu – the third quarter of 2016, IDG data China intelligent mobile phone market declared the championship for the first time by OPPO and vivo won, HUAWEI and millet are ranked three or four, while Apple came in fifth. In the analysis of the success factors of the blue and green plant an immense number of books, mostly focused on its unrivaled channels and salesman, that depends on the brand potential channel system to achieve. However, if the salesman sold on the high commission so is the only reason it, then vivo33% replacement retention pleaded, the retention rate of only apple, Samsung and HUAWEI beyond the industry. It also allows us to re-examine the experience of the blue green plant is not to learn what? From the replacement of the highest retention rate of vivo, as a growth so fast manufacturers over the years work entity channel, what is the fundamental foundation? After the completion of the basic knowledge of intelligent mobile phone users spread, offline sales need to use the prototype to impress users, the better to sell the line, in fact the proof from the comprehensive ability of the brand, products and channels. Especially in the mobile phone innovation into the confused period, various manufacturers by double screen, dual cameras, narrow frame. The concept of trying to impress the market, the market reaction is just passable, listening to these fancy high-tech and did not seize the user just need. This can not help but let us to understand the needs of consumers to understand the confidence of vivo: mobile phone manufacturers need to give a more functional use of smart phone scenarios, rather than a single technology research and development. For example, vivo X7 is selling to meet the consumer demand to upgrade the front camera is equipped with a front camera, not only high quality, but also add soft light, solve the scene of pain when the user self. The quality control of vivo through a comprehensive and high standards, truly "abnormal" quality assurance. Test items such as 1000 times the innumerable, put pressure on the "human sitting pressure test", like "twisted twist test", even 130N will force mobile phone pressed into the arch, bending experience every mobile phone to withstand the test of positive and negative 25 times. Through these "torture", in 200 times under a microscope and chip motherboard can pass without crack. Of course, not only to strictly control the quality control, in the production process is an important step in the product quality checks. Vivo electronic processing department is most proud of is in the existing production management system, production line to achieve 99.9% of the products pass rate, which means that the processing precision of mobile phone products fully meet the stringent requirements of the quality control department. This data is much larger than the general OEM vendors. Production and test all indicate that vivo is an attitude of the practice of "duty consistent from beginning to end, the values", always treat customers to the beginning of the heart, not instant success, not opportunistic. Durable, easy to use products, should be a mobile phone manufacturers should pursue the goal. Channel is not what you think of the channel.相关的主题文章: