From the wooden village to Stone City a great director of the film Utopia acbel

From the wood village to a great Stone City film Utopia Drvengrad in Western Serbia, a city of lofty mountains and high ranges, wood (I love call Wood Village), from the capital Belgrade twists and turns to drive in the past, I spent more than four hours. You ask me what is the famous scenery here? No, it’s really a wooden village. Then why do I have to go? Because it becomes more and more famous scenery. Look at this picture. Do you have a Serbia version of the house, the man and the dog? ): some years ago, I was a flight to Europe magazine, saw an article on the wood village, about the magic of this mysterious region, the director, immediately attracted me, then thought, must have a look… Some day in the future. So, four or five years later, when I finally have the opportunity to go to Serbia, the first candidate destination is Drvengrad. But this time, it had not before so mysterious, even now, even China "high-end custom" tours to come here to worship. Fortunately, even so, the village is still a lot of tourists. Drvengrad is actually very small, so I call it the wood village, but the sparrow is small, there are five hidden things, churches, restaurants, bars, cinemas, libraries, too. This is not the original wooden village, and now, because of the famous director of an award-winning film, embarked on the ‘world famous’ attractions of the road. This movie is called "life is a miracle", tells the story of an obsession with the construction of the railway and former engineer, and all kinds of love in life. This is the famous director, Emir KusturicaEmir Kusturica, the domestic film enthusiasts known as Kusturica, according to the Serbia, he should be called kustrica. Kusturica is now one of the most famous figures in Serbia, Wikipedia on the entry of the Serbia countries, but also to introduce him. The famous Serbia born director, musician, actor, director, not only a lot about the former film, such as underground (1995 Palme d’Or), life is a miracle… In fact, in real life, established his utopia. Kustrica with a standard Balkan face, although ‘world Wen Qing love him "(good friend Zhang Hai law, quotations) but he’s really not at all handsome. But the men of talent is the virtue (or money), he directed many films, look after people have a heartache provide much material for thought. In fact, he in the former Yugoslavia was a controversial figure, like the early years of Zhang Yimou, the reason is nothing more than a "controversial family scandal", or in the former Yugoslavia constantly tangled cut national positions on issues like… Like many famous guide member, Amir also love their exit at the director’s movies, such as the following Zhang, he is in the famous movie "underground" in stills. … in fact, he was an actor was in the Chinese known as the "Walter defend Sarajevo", played a character called Omladinac!相关的主题文章: