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With double perturbation, hyperboloid, Eddie Peng, vivo X9, Xplay6 publishing Sohu IDC statistics technology according to Q3 this year, various manufacturers market share, OPPO and vivo have both more than HUAWEI, ranked Chinese mobile phone market Top 2. Although a long time, vivo products on the Internet is very controversial, but this does not prevent it from becoming a burst of the line. Before the X7 series, with "Song Joong Ki the same paragraph and front soft self two big selling point, the success in sales. Today, the new flagship X9, X9, Plus and Xplay6 also officially meet us. The Vivo – X9 – – – front soft: Double perturbation, is still self artifact soft double photo brings new ways of self configuration, OPPO R9s vivo X7 said that if the underlying OPPO R9 than there is no small advantage in the configuration, then the vivo X9 in the configuration can be said to be the basic standard of OPPO R9s series, but at the same time retain their product features. First of all, vivo X9 series is the world’s first mobile phone equipped with dual front camera self timer softlight. Front dual camera is not fresh, released last year, LG V10 on the use of this design, one of the role of the promotion of wide-angle. X9 different place is taken with double effect is enhanced self bokeh, using the 20MP+8MP combination, and also further enhance the soft light effect. One of the main 20MP front camera using vivo and SONY joint research and development of the IMX376 sensor, aperture f 2. At the same time, it also supports the intellectual beauty of 2, according to the different sex and different beauty effect. Before it has been exposed to the self proofs of the machine, can be seen in the background of the spot is very obvious, skin effect is natural, and the rear camera, 16 million pixel camera, support make pictures move Photo+ function. Secondly, X9 has a 5.5 inch 1080P screen, X9 Plus is 5.88 inches screen, covering the latest Corelle fifth generation gorilla glass, 1.59mm ultra narrow frame, cancel the battery cover and frame combined with the boundary of the ultra-fine mirror sandblasting process, and similar design of U type antenna in iPhone 7 also allowed the yen higher. Of course, X9 and X9Plus are also equipped with Hi-Fi function, X9 AK4376 optimization scheme, collocation XE680 half ear headset, putting into waves sound. X9 Plus has a combination of ES9018 and ES9603 chips. In the processor, vivo X9 uses 625 Xiaolong eight Processor?相关的主题文章: