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NETGEAR XAVB2501 Powerline AV+ 200 Adapter Kit Used these to connect my router upstairs to the Network-enabled Blu-ray/Netflix player downstairs. This player is Wi-Fi capable and that worked most of the time. But there were too many signal drops which just isn’t fun when you’re engrossed in your Netflix session. So I didn’t want to rely on Wi-Fi any longer. But running a 100 foot long ethernet cable in your home is kinda lame, right? That’s where these little things .e in. In case you’re just stumbling over this technology now let me confirm this: YES – you feed your inter. connection through your electrical outlets with these things. You plug an ether. cable into one of the ether. plugs on your router, the other end goes into one of these adapters, which you just plug into an electrical outlet like anything else. .GEAR XAVB2501 You then grab the other adapter and plug that one in somewhere in your house where you don’t get Inter.. (For example, maybe your Wi-Fi signal isn’t strong enough there). You take a different ether. cable and plug that into this second unit. The other end of that ether. cable then goes into whatever Inter.-enabled device you want to hook up to the Web. You push a button on the adapter to make these two units "talk" to each other – you only have to do that once – and you’re done. Works perfectly. Have not had any outages or any problems so far. Inter. through your electrical outlet. Who’d have thought we could all afford this just a few years ago? Very cool. More Reviews for .GEAR XAVB2501 相关的主题文章: