Good gay friend go 9377 Purist Thunderwrath District Welfare hot start barcarolle

Good gay friend go "9377 Purist Thunderwrath" new welfare hot start Lao Tzu very clean, three normal, able-bodied, handsome, clever, undisturbed, Bamianyingche, very pure, you have a sharp sense of honour, is full of force than the old driver? No matter how you can give up the opportunity to whiten, follow your anger with Lao Tzu warlords, after all this time "9377" Purist Thunderwrath District welfare is red hair grandpa! Official website: good gay friend go "9377" new welfare hot start Purist Thunderwrath about bestie receive red envelopes of cash according to Xiao Bian informant revealed that during the event into the open area before the new clothes for 3 days, every 1 people in the 9377 "invited" the new service Purist Thunderwrath play to 90 (the new service built the role of the initial level 88), you can get 5 yuan RMB, at least 3 people invited to accept the award, reward can be as high as 100 yuan. In addition, if all the friends invited to the game player before the opening service total recharge within 3 days of more than 100 yuan, he will receive 3 days of total recharge rebate RMB *5%!!!! Good gay friend go "9377" new welfare hot start Purist Thunderwrath old driver to take in the "9377 gold collar non tied Purist Thunderwrath" old during the event, President of establishing "9377" Purist Thunderwrath gang in the area, open service within 3 days of the 100 grade 90 guild members can receive 500 yuan in cash or 80 thousand does not bind acer. It should be noted that only in the open area in the activities of the appointment of the page and through the audit of the president will be eligible to participate in the appointment of the president of the SAMA did not go to the activities of the page booking it ~! Good gay friend go "9377 Purist Thunderwrath" new welfare hot start new convergent passion gang dry cargo more adorable full benefits, simply excited! In order to make people more familiar with the game, Xiaobian immediately give you Amway science about "Yo 9377" in the Purist Thunderwrath gang system. In the game, the gang a total of 6 levels, the need to upgrade the consumption of Gang Gang Gang Members donated funds, non binding gold can increase the gang capital, enhance the level of the Gang Gang, property will be increased, it will reduce the maximum number of members. Good gay friend go "9377" Purist Thunderwrath District Welfare hot start BOSS passion in "9377 Gang" Purist Thunderwrath, gang members more than 10 people, by Wang, deputy main fact gang BOSS copy open. More than 60 members in the gang activities can enter the interface, open daily 1 times. The higher the level the gang, the gang BOSS more difficult, falling objects as possible. Gang BOSS loot, all members can pick up free. Note that the gang BOSS difficult, and suggested that the members of the Gang made an appointment together to participate in the challenge. Good gay friend go "9377 Purist Thunderwrath" new "9377" welfare hot start Purist Thunderwrath warriors return new shock struck, open game player welfare privileges, the mass of rare props will allow are renewed in the New District, the old game player situation! Honor to return to take advantage of now, old comrades in arms, good brother quickly come back, we do not.相关的主题文章: