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"Grand track" exposure four studio reality show   the stars together to fight monsters, entertainment channel — since August 23rd night, the movie "grand track" official exposure studio reality show king "(Wang Jue s walking hormone discourse and the apostles (Acts) manual practice Psalm two videos) after causing the majority of fans hot quickly. On the evening of 24, the official film once again exposed the onslaught of Wang Jue (King of democracy) and the ultimate test (acts under the final two articles) on the reality show video, 24 hours of large bursts of 4 foot video record is. The whole show video from the apostles, and to sharpen angle lords practice king of monsters, about mentoring work together to upgrade step by step "adventure". A true record of the film starring Fan Bingbing, Wu Yifan, Chen Xuedong, William Chan, Amber Kuo, Yang Mi, Lin Yun, Aarif Lee, Wang Yuan, Yan Yi wide, Wang Duo and director Guo Jingming and the staff behind the scenes in the studio with effort and sweat, harvest of joy and touched the shooting process. The film will be released in September 30th a comprehensive, the first pilot national archives. King report roadthe five King avatar walking hormones in the "grand track" studio reality show king article on Wu Yifan, William Chan, Amber Kuo, Wang Duo, Yan Yi wide and various "King" from the first entered the group when at a loss, to the harsh action through hard training, the play of facial expressions to scan the ultimate 3D character modeling, and quickly adapt to performing the action without physical capture and many test, finally trained as the "walking hormone". In the studio, Wu Yifan as an actor in order to maintain a professional attitude, her laugh, laughing; William Chan and Amber Kuo at the same time show close intimate scenes, but also avoid the camera head on collision, the difficulty index increased; and Yan Yi wide and handsome Wang Duo bursting into action, and seriously hard the training is to get the guidance of Xiong Xinxin’s martial arts appreciation and affirmation. Concentrate on the reality show king article, an important running show so that the "grand track" set like a sports meeting, all the actors are generally run like hormones broke out again and again. In the filming of Wu Yifan, second in an interview with VJ participating in the "athletes", decided to win at the starting point of the William Chan said: "this run play seems simple, but at least take more than and 30." Claiming "sister" Amber Kuo played in the film is tall, Baroness Maria Teresa, in order to ensure the real shooting posture, Amber Kuo is wearing high heels, including all running and hanging wire action, really makes people admire. However, in the "grand track" "adventure" in the end, Wu Yifan accidentally injured head. But in order not to affect the shooting schedule, after needle treatment, Wu Yifan still adhere to the injuries produced. The same injury as well as action scenes of Yan Yikuan, also in the shooting was shot to the head. Behind the laughter, the audience also saw the actors pay the sweat and pain. As a reality show video summary: "he was not born to rise above the common herd. Even if the appearance of bright)相关的主题文章: