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The grandmother life style, but does not necessarily need a lot of money – Sohu said North South tourism said so grandma grandma, just listen to know the name of "grandmother" is the home to Mount Huangshan village in the vast dry northern origin – reclusive country design team when the simple villagers they feel the best and latest house let the designer reform but it is not a reclusive country to walk and stop searching the village high director said, it will take you to look at my grandmother’s house, and so the grandmother met designers instantly fell in love with this old house this house in the late Qing Dynasty, has been in the form of a new home, waiting for and someone to meet life needs – design style, but does not necessarily need a lot of money in the country the pace of time, meet the moment I want from the city The defection of mood. Each room here are convenient to open the window, in the sunlight, inadvertently blowing breeze slowly let the air flow naturally, tugunaxin. "Grandmother" designer returned from the United States, has presided over the design Amanresorts of the relationship between architecture and human understanding of how accurate the house retains the original appearance, the mottled rammed earth wall tells architectural design and design of time temperature and the origin of charm behind it in stories such as "grandmother" of the house a piece of iron, a simple "grandmother" three words, with a thick rope hollowed out covering the design concept is to extract concepts loom grandmother you have through grandma personally do coarse small shirt fresh close, that kind of feeling could not forget at the bare soil brick gatehouse of this old house for generations the children away from it in and out of the house owner, is a more than and 90 year old grandma Wang she told the designers, don’t pull down this gate when she was 16 years old when the door is from the gate, go In this gate so the designer to complete the preserved small wooden door open courtyard is a path of interest hidden but beautiful spot for the front yard, listening to the wind, a side courtyard atrium four seasons osmanthus freehand and mountain independent hidden half open space and indoor restaurant, can accommodate 20 people dining at the same time in the indoor decoration design team has made a bold, modern design in interior design into housing reinforcement will be the simplicity of the Nordic wind and the old appearance of the formation of a great contrast feel a few days life is good and pure in the house, don’t think too much, just enjoy the scenery outside the house, the sun in this house in the game, the oncoming comfortable breeze, a simple collocation is very old flavor, old time home atmosphere, many corners are filled with Nairen Ju Life of chewing. Selection of furniture products are ordinary brands but each place is carefully designed, selection and collocation let people know life needs style, but not necessarily need a lot of money design ingenuity is reflected in the ordinary people can not see but can feel from one place to another place to get something not feel particularly far when will the visual fatigue inadvertently found a surprise worth pondering on the hard and soft lines between the collocation is proper to the residents of the best experience in food – thanks to the mountains相关的主题文章: