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Raymond mill is imported from abroad, a grinding mill , more domestic production , it applies to all kinds of ore preparation, coal preparation, such as raw ore , gypsum, coal and other materials, powder processing . From the shape look like a steel container to erect , with inlet , outlet and central parts of the feed port . MPS mill shape and some approximation . Raymond mill stick rotation axis is vertical mill , MPS mill grinding stick rotation axis is the approximate level . Within the lower part of a motor driven mill grinding mill rotation will need to stick with the grinding material crushing or grinding through the air inlet of the wind blowing finished materials , mill within the upper part of separator can be separated coarse and fine powder , and then passed through the mill The wind machine out of the outlet from the collection . Hanging roller mill its models are : 3R1410, 1815,2115,2615,2714,2715,2716,3016,4 R2715, 3016,3116,3216 and 5R4119 is to adapt to small and medium mining, chemicals, building materials , metallurgy, refractories , Pharmaceutical, cement and other industries with high efficiency closed loop small milling equipment , processing of powder in place of a new type of ball mill , the output energy reached the national standard , the highest advanced level , highly praised the industry users . The product structure of the foreign like products , and updates based on the large Raymond made to improve the design . The device than the ball mill efficiency, low power consumption , small footprint, one-time small investment . Roller under the action of centrifugal force tightly compacted in the grinding ring , so when the roller , grinding ring wear to a certain thickness does not affect the product yield and fineness . Roller , grinding ring replacement cycle is long, thus removing the centrifugal mill consumable replacement cycle short ills . The wind machine is in the fan airflow election – grinding shell – Cyclone – within the circulation fan operating , the dust less than the high-speed centrifugal mill , operating shop clean and environmental pollution. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: