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GrowingIO help hunting online analysis of user behavior, improve matching accuracy – Sohu technology Author: Xu Ning. This article reprinted from 36 krypton today, 36 krypton had previously reported the "Internet hunting" officially announced that it received two hundred million yuan C round of financing, the investor is Singapore UOB investment management company, IDG with the cast. Previously, hunting online has received from Sequoia, IDG, CRE and other well-known investment institutions A round and B round of tens of millions of dollars in financing. We may wish to sort out the development of the Internet into the C round of the course, by the way to see some of the logic of the industry. If you want to go to the Internet Intermediary located in Shanghai, in 2012 to complete the registration of industry and Commerce in 2013, formally launched in on March. Many recruitment platform was to focus on both ends of enterprise and job seekers B C, and that the nature of the Internet is to shorten the process, improve the efficiency, so most people are trying to achieve disintermediation, go headhunting, like krypton 36 previously reported work, which push pull hook net and net. While hunting the Internet thinking is not the same, the founder of the Xin Xiaodie think, is rarely used in high-end talent recruitment website resume, current search this intermediary can not be replaced, so the hunting online directly hit the "headhunting service" slogan, the core is not an enterprise recruitment, not job seekers resume database, but search. While hunting the Internet docking position of the enterprise, while the company’s platform for the audit of the company pulled into the platform, businesses pay according to the results of the recruitment, while the Internet access from the commission. As for the resume library, part of the existing Internet hunting, part of the share from the headhunter consultant. The logic is as I wrote before the "social security", the security industry has 51 social security, network such entrepreneurial companies are preparing to pay social security is in direct docking enterprises, and the "social security service is one of the many" social security agents "within half a year to get two rounds of financing, monthly growth rate remained above 40%. In other words, there are some intermediaries may not be able to be replaced, service providers, to help them improve energy efficiency, or a good business. Headhunting business on the market as well as hunting hire network, in June this year, officially announced the completion of the D round over 100 million U.S. dollars of financing, the current valuation of nearly $1 billion. Compared to the two, hunting the Internet is a Alibaba model, while hunting recruits network is Jingdong model. Everyone headhunting is set up since the headhunters can not be banned, then the C pull up the individual to do together, OK? July 2013 to get 20 million yuan Angel round of financing, everyone headhunting is doing such a thing, with crowdsourcing recruitment, so that each C end users can become a part-time job hunting. However, today, the first person to subvert the traditional headhunting mode headhunting has been bankrupt. The same package of ideas, why the hunting of the Internet and the fate of the two companies are so different? Everyone headhunting sound reasonable, but the headhunting is a professional, high threshold of the industry, the hunt is a professional collection of headhunters, and everyone headhunting to engage in a very low-end industry. Let the C end users can be expanded when the headhunter.相关的主题文章: