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Harbin Institute of Technology Harbin Engineering forest in "111 plan" the only 62 original title: Harbin Institute of Technology Harbin Engineering in Northeast Forest of our province in selected " 111 " only 62 universities in the country approved life newspaper news September 20th the Ministry of education, the State Bureau of foreign experts recently announced the 2016 annual national "111 plan" project list 15, College of Shanghai Univer and Beijing University of Technology approved selected, while the province of Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin Engineering University and Northeast Forestry University has been among them. What is the "111 plan"? The "111 plan" or "higher school subject innovation engineering plan", its goal is to aim at the international development front, the national key disciplines, from universities and research institutions of the world top 100 advantage discipline team, introduction, brought together more than 1000 overseas academic masters, academic backbone, equipped with a number of domestic excellent team formed the backbone of scientific research, high level, the construction of about 100 world-class science and engineering base, to create an international influence of scientific and technological achievements, enhance the international competitiveness of discipline, improve the overall level and international status China colleges, to promote China’s higher school building world-class university course. How many cows are there in the "111 plan"? Since the implementation of the project, the selection scope is entered "985 key construction project" universities and relative strength of "211 key construction universities". Among them, can be identified as "111 plan" in "the country is only 62, including Tsinghua University, Fudan University and Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin Engineering University and the province of Northeast Forestry University. It is reported that the "111 plan" in Harbin Institute of technology, Harbin Engineering and construction of Northeast Forestry University "network dynamic system analysis and control engineering base" and "advanced ceramic composite coating and innovative intelligence base" organic resources, bio energy conversion engineering base "application oriented micro structure fiber function innovation and talent recruitment base" and "forest genetic breeding science and engineering base", aims to create with international influence of scientific and technological achievements, to promote the construction of the world first-class university school course.

哈工大哈工程东北林大入选“111计划”全国仅62所   原标题:我省哈工大哈工程东北林大入选"111计划" 全国仅62所高校获批   生活报9月20日讯 教育部、国家外国专家局近日公布了2016年度国家“111计划”立项名单,上海大学、北京工业大学等15所高校获批入选,而我省的哈尔滨工业大学、哈尔滨工程大学和东北林业大学已位列其中。   什么是“111计划”?   “111计划”即“高等学校学科创新引智计划”,其目标是瞄准国际学科发展前沿,以国家重点学科为基础,从世界排名前100位的大学及研究机构的优势学科队伍中,引进、汇聚1000余名海外学术大师、学术骨干,配备一批国内优秀的科研骨干,形成高水平的研究队伍,建设100个左右世界一流的学科创新引智基地,努力创造具有国际影响的科技成果,提升学科的国际竞争力,提高中国高等院校的整体水平和国际地位,以推进我国高等学校建设世界一流大学的进程。   “111计划”有多牛?   自该项目实施以来,遴选范围都是已进入“985工程”重点建设的高等学府以及部分相对有实力的“211重点建设高校”。其中,能被标识为“‘111计划’高校”的全国仅为62所,这其中包括清华、复旦以及我省的哈尔滨工业大学、哈尔滨工程大学和东北林业大学。   据悉,“111计划”先后在哈工大、哈工程和东北林业大学建设了“网络化动态系统的分析与控制创新引智基地”“先进陶瓷复合材料与涂层创新引智基地”“有机资源生物能源转化创新引智基地”“面向工程应用的微结构功能光纤创新引智基地”和“林木遗传育种学科创新引智基地”,旨在创造具有国际影响的科技成果,以推进学校建设世界一流大学的进程。相关的主题文章: