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Harvest Fund hand micro fortune 45 only cattle based Sarkozy unveiled recently, Harvest Fund successfully hand micro wealth, and bring its 45 fund official landing micro wealth platform. This is the southern fund, micro wealth once again joined the heavyweight fund company, has greatly enriched the selection of financial products, to provide more investment options for the user. It is reported that the 45 funds of the launch of the flagship hybrid fund, both the five star star fund created by Harvest Fund elite team, a group according to different users’ personalized recommendation products, such as single family, two people in the world, a family of three, the user can choose according to their own needs of investment products. In recent years, the global financial market more closely, become the trend of globalization asset allocation. It is worth noting that the 45 cattle base, 5 funds is to invest in overseas assets, such as the United States harvest growth stock (000043), the fund invests primarily in the United States market growth stocks, and strive to obtain long-term capital appreciation, the top ten awkwardness including "apple", "Google", "Amazon and other world famous companies, financial performance, investment value is preferred. The spirit of responsible for user safety investment attitude, micro wealth of all partners are strictly screened. As a veteran of the fund, Harvest Fund with standardized, robust and pragmatic management style, scientific and rational investment operation, has won 11 consecutive years, the fund industry "Oscar" Award – Taurus award. Investment fund, especially the stock fund, and the stock market is the same fate. Before the Spring Festival, A shares in the short term adjustment, the market valuation of a certain return, it also provides a good opportunity for entering the new year. Open the first three trading days has achieved triple sun, accompanied by volume. Yesterday after the close, the stock index has been successful on the 20 day moving average, the fund investment this year opened a good start. WeX micro micro wealth owned by financial department is individual oriented one-stop asset management platform, direct products through Internet to complete micro wealth package. Multi level selection, a one-stop experience and simple process of purchase process is very comfortable to make money. Micro wealth will also provide an additional allocation of assets, structured and leveraged financial instruments, the business risk is more interesting. Micro wealth and Harvest Fund after marriage, currently on the platform of fund products has reached hundreds of branches. In 2016, micro wealth will provide a richer and more diversified form of products for users. Enter [Sina Finance shares] discussion

嘉实基金牵手微财富 45只支牛基齐亮相   近日,嘉实基金成功牵手微财富,并携旗下45支基金正式登陆微财富平台。这是继南方基金后,微财富再次联手重量级基金公司,极大地丰富了精选理财产品种类,为用户提供更多的投资选择。   据悉,本次推出的45支基金,主打混合基金,既有由嘉实基金精英团队打造的五星级明星基金,又有一批针对不同用户的个性化推荐产品,如单身一族、二人世界、三口之家等,用户可以根据自身需求任选产品投资。   近年来,全球金融市场越来越紧密,资产全球化配置渐成趋势。值得注意的是,这45支牛基中,有5支基金正是投资于海外资产,如嘉实美国成长股票(000043),该基金主要投资于美国大盘成长型股票,力争获取长期资本增值,前十大重仓股包括“苹果”、“谷歌”、“亚马逊”等全球著名公司,财务绩优,是价值投资首选。   本着对用户投资安全负责的态度,微财富对所有合作伙伴都进行严格的筛选。作为老牌的基金公司,嘉实基金凭借规范、稳健、务实的管理风格、科学理性的投资运作,已经连续11年蝉联基金行业“奥斯卡”奖――金牛奖。   投资基金,尤其是股票型基金,与股市是同呼吸共命运的关系。春节前,A股在短期内大幅调整,市场估值得到一定回归,这也为新年提供了一个比较好的进场机会。开年前三个交易日已经实现三连阳,并伴随着放量。周三收盘后,沪指已成功站上20天均线,这为今年的基金投资开了一个好头。   WeX微汇金融旗下的微财富是面向个人的一站式资产管理平台,直连的产品经由微财富完成互联网化的包装。多层次的选择、一站式的体验和简洁的购买流程让理财过程尤为舒适。微财富还将额外提供资产配置,结构化和杠杆化的金融工具,使得经营风险更为有趣。微财富和嘉实基金联姻后,目前平台上的基金产品已达百余支。2016年微财富将为用户提供更丰富、更多元化的产品形态。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: