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Hefei second-hand housing listing price 15202 yuan M2 highs — real estate — people.com.cn original title: Hefei second-hand housing listing price 15202 yuan M2 highs in an online news according to the Anhui daily news, last week, Hefei city primary residential turnover rose 10.71% compared to the previous week, but still more than 1500 sets, the average selling price by the real impact dropped to 12 thousand yuan m2; secondary housing volume and price rise, urban listing price highs. On the two day of the weekend, a number of real estate in Hefei focused on the opening, the scene of the scene waiting for hundreds of thousands of people to grab hundreds of sets of house scene reproduction, Sunday opened a real estate also appeared in the case of a few investors bought the whole layer of one thousand or two thousand. From the specific sales point of view, the Hefei property market seems to have not changed the hot situation, but the data is not the case. According to the Hefei 365 real estate home network data, last week, the city of Hefei sales of primary commodity residential units, compared to the previous week’s 1193 units, up by 10.71%. In the 9 region, Binhu last week sold 483 suites, 199 Suites sold by Baohe, sold 146 suites, three columns. Three county total sales of 903 units in a commercial housing, including 476 sets, 422 sets of Feixi Changfeng, Feidong only 5 sets. From last week’s sales of real estate prices, most are more than 13000 yuan m2, but there are also water habitat, Anliang center and Changning three real estate home because of the price from the housing is relatively low, and large volume, low in price. Compared to the previous week, last week, the average price of Hefei Yishoufang sales fell to 11541.07 yuan m2, down yuan per square meter m2, a decline of 4.03%. In particular, the district government, affected by the impact of the average selling price fell to 7000 yuan M2 housing below, obviously inconsistent with the status quo. Therefore, Hefei has declined for three consecutive weeks Yishoufang prices in the real estate sector seems to be a temporary phenomenon of market differentiation. Different from Yishoufang, Hefei last week, the volume of second-hand housing prices rose, the average price of new highs, the district government to hang the price after a few weeks to re break 20 thousand yuan m2. Last week, Hefei City, the sale of second-hand housing listings 355, an area of more than the previous week, the average price of 15202 yuan m2, also rose over the previous week, August 7~13 day to reach a new high of $15163 a week. The list of administrative district, Binhu District ranked first phalanx in each region, and the Binhu government is still ranked first phalanx. Government district in a number of weeks after the listing price exceeded 20 thousand yuan m2, Binhu listing price rose to more than $17000 m2. Luyang, Shushan, Baohe belongs to second square, listed the average price in 14000~16000 yuan m2; through the open, Yaohai, new third square, more than the average price of 13000 yuan m2; new urban lowest price, but also super million. Three in Feixi County, more than the average price of 10 thousand yuan m2, Changfeng over 9000 yuan, 7000 yuan in Feidong. (commissioning editor Sun Hongli and Wu Zhenguo)相关的主题文章: