High income assets security doubt, pseudo network finance repeatedly suck gold black hole-stand by me shinee

Safe high-yield assets doubt is repeated pseudo network financial reporter Zhou Wenjing suction gold black hole – Zhang Li recent internet financial illegal events of the "dark side" edition of the Internet platform. In the industry view, these "network finance" as the name of fictional projects, illegal possession of investors "Ponzi scheme" is only one of the current Internet financial industry barbaric growth brought about by many problems. Whether the existing platform model is feasible and whether the asset is safe remains to be studied. A lot of platform under the banner of "innovation" banner, known as leasing, factoring, docking bills to create high-yield product safety assets for investors, but this is true of many types of assets, asset quality, professional financial techniques and terminology of packaging, few people are willing to explore the actual situation. Some platforms cooperate with insurance, banks and other institutions to promote publicity and provide security for the platform. However, it is questionable whether the contents and projects are included in the platform and whether it can guarantee the reliability of the platform. In fact, due to the emergence of all kinds of financial fraud, the regulatory authorities on the Internet financial industry regulation is gradually tightened. Local industry association sources, after the suspension of Internet financial enterprises registration, Shenzhen may be released after the Spring Festival, Internet financial information disclosure regulatory rules. Prior to this, the regulatory authorities in Shenzhen will be related to the enterprise thoroughly, rectification. It is also the industry as regulators began to carry out rectification signal on the Internet financial chaos in the industry, the industry reshuffle. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

高收益资产安全存疑 伪网络金融屡现吸金黑洞   □本报记者 周文静 张莉   近期多起互联网金融违法违规事件使互联网平台“暗面”现形。在业内人士看来,这些以“网络金融”为名义虚构项目、非法占有投资人的“庞氏骗局”仅仅只是当前互联网金融行业野蛮生长带来的诸多问题之一。   现有平台的模式是否可行、资产是否安全仍有待考究。不少平台打着“创新”旗号,号称对接租赁、保理、票据等安全资产为投资人创造高收益产品,但这类资产是否真实,资产质量几许,在专业金融手法和术语的包装下,鲜有人愿意去一探虚实。一些平台借与“保险、银行”等机构合作为宣传的噱头,为平台安全加持,但合作内容和项目囊括哪些环节,是否确实能够保证平台可靠仍值得商榷。   实际上,由于各类金融骗局的出现,监管部门对给互联网金融行业的监管也在逐步收紧。地方行业协会人士透露,继暂停互联网金融企业登记注册后,深圳可能将在春节过后,出台互联网金融信息披露监管细则。在此之前,深圳监管部门将会对相关企业进行摸底、整顿。这也被业内视为监管部门开始对互联网金融行业乱象进行整治的信号,行业洗牌加剧。    进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: