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Home-Schooling Parents hire tutors to see to it that the learning of their children is maximized. Lets face it! The economic status in the whole world today is fluctuating. Thus, every person will make it a point that what they spend for would really be worth every penny that they take out from their pockets. Therefore, it is just right that private tutors will also give what they are expected of. Parents are expecting that with home tuition, their childrens academic status will improve. But is private tuition really effective? How will you identify a .petitive and effective tutor? Some people would think that because they achieved a certain degree, they are already qualified to be.e a tutor. However, this is not always the case. A college diploma is not in any way a guarantee that one can be.e a highly .petitive and effective tutor. A person who wants to be.e a tutor must have understanding and sufficient knowledge about the subject matter that he wants to teach. It is very important for parents to keenly scrutinize the tutor before hiring them to make sure that the person is really capable of teaching their child. Make sure that the tutor has a good .munication skill. This is very important because it will determine his capabilities of explaining the subject matter properly. Remember that the tutor who will be working with your child will have a huge impact on your childs academic achievements. In order for a tutor to be.e effective he must follow these guidelines: Facilitate Active Learning. An effective tutor must promote active participation from his students. Active participation promotes effective learning. An effective tutor must encourage his students to voice out their ideas. This will not only develop their analytic skills but will also increase the students self confidence. Positive Reinforcement. It is very important for a tutor to identify the weak points and strong points of his student. Once the weak point is identified, the tutor must develop a plan on how to improve that subject area. It is also important for the tutor to acknowledge the strong points of his student. Motivation. Motivation is very important in order to maximize every childs learning potential. Every tutor can have his own way of motivating his student. A tutor may ask questions and ask student for answers. Providing all the answers will not help a student in any way. But allowing them to think and solve problems on their own will not only sharpen their .prehensive skills but will also increase their confidence because they will now realize that they have the potential to solve problems on their own. Above all an effective tutor should possess the passion to teach. His intelligence and achievements as a teacher will not matter at all if he doesnt love what he is doing. Teaching requires a heart in order for it to be.e effective. So if you are looking for someone to teach your child on a one on one basis, dont just look for his academic achievements, rather you must also consider his teaching skills as well. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: