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Hongkong 4 women within 7 hours of the attack the police arrest suspect serial original title: Hongkong 4 women within 7 hours of the attack on the police to find the female serial assault fanatics in new network on 22 February, according to Hongkong’s "Ming Pao Daily News website reported, Hongkong 3 housing estates Shamshuipo last week discovered within 7 hours of fanatics, even involving the wounded 4 ring female police, after a preliminary investigation, the case investigation to the Sham Shui Po District crime squad. The first assault was born in the 19 afternoon 4 pm, a 17 year old girl surnamed Li Fuchang way to the mall, suddenly by a 30 to 40 year old man saved, and plug the attacks, perpetrators fled after. Li’s head injuries, a passer-by found and alarm. Police rushed to the hospital to send Li women to hospital governance. About 14 minutes apart, a woman who in the building of Fu Cheong estate Fucheng, was a strange man beaten fist. When the evening 10 pm, a 22 year old girl surnamed Wu, the Sham Shui Po estate prosperity Rongjie ground floor, suddenly by a man with fists and glass bottles attacks, causing nasal bleeding, the other succeeded after fleeing. After about 11 minutes, about 650 meters away from the village of Nanchang Chang an another similar case building. 20 year old girl surnamed Lu at the site to open, was also an unidentified man boxing beaten face, the assailants fled immediately. Lu female mouth injury, self alarm. Assemblyman Liang Wenguang said for the first time after the case received one of the victims for help, her face injury, 21 underwent surgery, the mood is not easy. Liang Wenguang, Fu Cheong estate and Rongchang estate long-term good public order, the case for the first time, after many residents received inquiries, to remind residents of estate offices provide night shuttle service, if necessary, can contact at any time for prescription. Editor in chief: SN184

香港4名女子7小时内连环遇袭 警方缉捕嫌犯   原标题:香港4名女子7小时内连环遇袭 警方缉捕殴女狂徒   中新网2月22日电 据香港《明报》网站报道,香港深水埗3条屋邨上周惊现狂徒,7小时内涉连环打伤4女,警方经初步调查后,将案件合并调查,转交深水埗警区重案组跟进。   首宗伤人案发生于19日下午4时许,一名17岁李姓少女途径富昌商场时,突然遭一名30至40岁男子扑出,并用插头施袭,逞凶后逃之夭夭。   李女头部受伤,由途人发现及报警。警方接报赶至将李女送院治理。相隔约14分钟后,一名女子报案指在富昌邨富诚楼对开,遭一名陌生男子拳殴。   及至当日晚上10时许,一名22岁吴姓少女,行经深水埗荣昌邨荣杰楼地下时,突然被一名男子用拳头及玻璃樽施袭,导致鼻部流血,对方得手后逃去无踪。   约11分钟后,相距约650米的南昌邨昌安楼发生另一宗相类案件。20岁吕姓少女在上址对开,亦遭一名身份不明男子拳殴脸部,凶徒立即逃走。吕女口部受伤,自行报警。   区议员梁文广表示,首次发生案件后收到其中一名受害人求助,她脸部损伤,21日接受手术,目前心情尚未平伏。   梁文广指,富昌邨、荣昌邨长期治安良好,今次案件为首次发生,事后收到不少街坊查询,提醒居民屋邨办事处提供夜间接送服务,如有需要,可以在任何时间联络处方求助。 责任编辑:茅敏敏 SN184相关的主题文章: