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Hongkong a driverless train fault at least 13 passengers delayed new network October new net – boarding 30 days according to Hongkong "Wen Wei Po" reported that the Hongkong red Lantau? Angle of airport passenger terminal passenger subway system on the morning of 29 faults, an unmanned train traveling on the way of fault stop, about 80 people from Hong Kong the passenger was trapped inside the compartment, the other train service also can only provide limited services. Each station along the hundreds of passengers crowded train station full moon, about 40 minutes after repair was returned to normal, but there are still at least 13 passengers were forced to ride to boarding time, other flights continue to travel, this is the third time the same train system fault occur within 1 years, the authorities opened the investigation is on the cause of the fault. 1 years 3 passengers 29 days without fault group broadcast at 9:45 in the morning, a passenger terminal carrying about 70 to 80 departing passengers unmanned train, failure occurs suddenly in a terminal to the West Hall midfield passenger terminal on the way, all the passengers trapped inside the compartment, AA immediately dispatched engineers repair. About 25 minutes later, to 10:10 in the morning, the train arrived at the end of the passenger terminal building, all passengers began to leave the car, but fortunately no one was injured or unwell. To 10:25 in the morning, the engineering staff to complete repairs, unmanned train service and then returned to normal. During the fault, the unmanned train can only provide limited service, each station along the platform station with a large number of passengers, someone once day, the airport staff to assist passengers to send. Affected passengers complained that the accident occurred after the lobby did not make any broadcast to explain the incident, the practice is not appropriate, not professional. The platform full of customers complain about the AA take transfer fees and two colleagues to Shanghai on business, Mr. Wu said, yesterday morning at about 10 after completing the procedures, ready to ride the train to the unmanned midfield passenger terminal gate, but found to the platforms and the platform handrail elevator is full of a large number of passengers, estimated to be in the hundreds many of the passengers, because the waiting time is too long and constantly complain. He also said that the display shows 3 minutes for a bus, but after 3 minutes and 3 minutes, 15 minutes to two bus to the car, even across the arrivals are affected. To the car and then wait 5 minutes before leaving, the results arrived at 10:30 in the morning until the middle of the passenger terminal building, only about half an hour away from the flight took off. A spokesman for the AA said it was still investigating the cause of the train malfunction. During the event, a total of 13 passengers failed to board on time, the airport has subsequently provided assistance in real time, arrange for them to change to other flights to continue the trip, the relevant costs borne by the aa. The daily maintenance and repair of the train is in charge of the aa.相关的主题文章: