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Writing-and-Speaking The fantasy books and motion pictures genre is more popular every year. Significant successes for example Harry Potter and A Game of Thrones have seen the genre grow enormously these past 5 years or more. And for the first time ever a lot of women seem to be joining the genre thanks to the huge global success of the Twilight Saga. Who’d have thought that arguably the two most significant fantasy authors around right now would both be middle-aged women? Two females have risen to the very top of the fantasy genre tree, I’m referring to Meyer and Rowling of course, who’ve both had major success during the last several years. It’s really difficult to imagine a male author who has been anywhere near as successful these past few years as these two ladies.It’s excellent to see the fantasy category doing so well, but I’m sure most of us fantasy followers would still want to see the big-screen version of what us purists would call a real fantasy novel series. The TV adaptation of A Game of Thrones has been extraordinary, so why has nothing but LOTR been put on the big screen? I simply can not understand why movie producers haven’t looked at something like Mistborn. Now would be the perfect chance to take advantage of the fantasy market given that both Harry Potter and The Twilight Saga have left an enormous hole. Just as before it seems as if we’ll be left waiting for a while before we get any new fantasy films away from the current Hobbit releases. The film makers choose to produce a new Rambo with a 60 year old actor than develop something fresh. So it seems while we wait around, perhaps forever, we will simply have to make do with the following installment of The Hobbit as well as the awesome Game of Thrones on HBO. Maybe the reason for the lack of fantasy book films .es down to an excessive amount of story for three hours of film, let’s be honest, A Game of Thrones couldn’t be done in just one single movie per book. We have seen Television .works create excellent fantasy series over the years so maybe more pressure should be put on them as opposed to the giant screen studios. Exactly why the BBC didn’t follow-up it’s massive ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ achievement some twenty-odd years back I’ll never know. So if any producers out there are reading this article, do the proper thing and develop something unique, we don’t want another Halloween follow up! Hopefully the achievements A Game of Thrones might make creators see dollar signs, surely that has got to tempt them? It’s more than fair to say that some of these series are way too long for movies, but as we have already observed, TV can do the job! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: