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Business Although it is not as popular in Europe and Asia, leaving a tip at a fine dining is standard practice in the United States. Simply how much should you tip your server? Heres the best way to figure it out. What amount to use to figure the tip? Whenever you receive your bill, the first order of business is determining just how much your bill is tippable. Be sure that there is not already a gratuity imposed on the check. If your get together is large or its restaurant policy, there could be a 15%-20% tip imposed. If that’s the case, its not needed to leave anything more, unless youd like to provide a bit more. If youve used a promotion or a discount, figure the tip in line with the amount before the discount. Just because you had a buy-one-get-one-free deal doesnt mean that the server did half the work-he still brought 2 meals to your table and served two individuals. The government thinks that servers will earn a certain portion of their total food sales in tips. When you dont tip your server, its actually costing him money for the delight of servicing you. How Was the Service? Look at the service you experienced during your restaurant visit. When taking into consideration the tip, take the following into consideration: did your server invite you in punctually? Was he or she pleasing? Was your food order correct? Did meals arrive quickly, and at the right temperature? Were your plates taken off quickly? Were refreshments and water glasses filled? Were your requirements met on your meal? Was your bill accurate and was your transaction processed swiftly? When its Not the Servers Fault Your server has only control over some aspects of your restaurant encounter. Dont base your tip on these things, which are out of her control: You didnt like the decor. The menu wasnt substantial enough, or didnt have the item you wanted. You needed to wait a long time to have a table. You’ve got a table in a spot you didnt like. The food was too spicy/bland/saucy/dry, etc. The prices were too high. The background temperature in the restaurant was too hot or freezing. The music was too deafening. Instead, mention those problems to management, who can do something to take care of the problems, and may provide you with .pensation (for instance a reduced bill, free treat or free meal). When the Service Was Good A couple of items to consider: Its .mon process to tip 15% for average service. In case you felt that your server did a wonderful job of taking care of you during the meal, think about tipping 20%-25%. Tipping your server in cash money (even if youve given money for the meal with a credit card) is yet another nice gesture. Some dining places have a strategy of holding tips placed on credit cards before the charge clears-which may take up to thirty days. If youve requested alcohol, consider that the server normally has to give a certain percentage alcohol sales to the bartender. So if youve ordered a $60 bottle of wine, your tip should reflect that amount, too. When the Service was Poor A lot of people feel that poor service shouldnt be rewarded with a tip. That may be fine, but if you really feel that the server was so terrible that he doesnt ought to have a tip, you should speak to the supervisor. Just not tipping wont essentially improve service. Your server may think that youve f.otten to tip, and the supervisor will probably don’t know regarding the bad service you received-and for that reason wont take any action to improve the problem. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: