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UnCategorized The city of sin offers more than flashy lights, big wins and fabulous shows; it is also the city of opportunity to make a living behind the wheel of a long, black and handsome limousine. The demand for professional limo drivers is on the rise. With over 20 hotels on the Las Vegas strip, tired feet could use the rest when hopping from location to location. Visitors of Vegas want to travel in style feeling like a celebrity, and with the cities on going attractions luring millions looking to have a good time, you could be their next chauffeur because taxi lines are not enjoyable. Becoming a professional limousine driver, especially in a lively nightlife city like Las Vegas, one must consider a few things. Being a professional chauffer is not just about opening doors and escorting guests while wearing a dapper hat, it is about responsibility and skillfully maneuvering in and out of the Vegas strip. And not to mention the large bills rolling in with an average salary of $32,000 and tips from satisfied customers, limo drivers will always end their nights just as well as their clients. On the job, both parties get to enjoy the up beat atmosphere, and with manageable and flexible hours. Getting started in such a profession takes a lot of breaking through. Being a safe driver with a clean record is of most importance. The chances of being hired with little to no experience will not get you the job, especially if multiple speeding tickets or a D.U.I. haunt your tail pipe. Having much experience under your belt is a must. Find a limo driver’s school. There are short courses that can be taken online that offer all you need to know about maneuvering such a vehicle. Along with the textbook work, you will need behind the wheel practice. Tag along with an experienced driver on his or her daily routines. Observe their habits and skills that can benefit your training. You should do this for about three or four months along with practicing your driving skills in different terrain. Reversing and turning on different surfaces, and weather as well, will help you familiarize and prepare yourself for what is to come. Next, look for agencies that best suit your routine. Most limo jobs cater to happy occasions, weddings and such. But in Vegas they cater to nightclubs, bachelor and bachelorette parties, fancy restaurants and casinos. A lot of places are looking for limo drivers, so hunt around offering your services to anyone even if it ends up being a weekend only job. You can get all the knowledge you need even if it comes in small increments. Professionalism comes with experience and time. With so many locations to go and people to see, limo drivers will always have a job. Parties of all sorts will take the backseat in your limo, and you want to make their experience in your car a memorable one. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: