How To Change A Projector

Presentation There are a few things that you should know to ensure that you not only change your projector lamp properly, but that it is done at the right time to avoid injury or damage to your projector. When to change the projector lamp Sometimes, you will know when to change your projector lamp (or projector bulb) because one day you will switch on the projector and the projector lamp will not work. There are a number of environmental factors that can shorten the life of a projector lamp because the bulbs are delicate objects. Factors such as letting the projector lamp cool before moving the projector, not cleaning the projector filter or even storing the projector lamp in a cold or warm place can all shorten its expected lamp life. However, assuming this is not the case, you should see a message appear on the projector stating something along the lines of "Lamp Life Exceeded". When this message appears, you should replace the bulb. It is an important point that you should not exceed the lamp life by more than 20 percent. Older projector lamps be.e very fragile and this is usually the case when you hear of projector lamps exploding. This is not only dangerous but can damage your projector. It is always useful to have one or two replacement projector lamps on hand to ensure you can replace the bulb at the right time and use the projector when you need to. To tell how old your projector lamp is, there is usually an option in the menu of the projector showing how many projector hours have passed. There should also be a reset option for when you install a new projector lamp. How long should a projector lamp last? A typical projector lamp will last for around 2000 projection hours. Genuine projector lamps may seem expensive with prices typically between 150 and 500 but when you work this out, that is only 8p to 25p per projection hour. As with all projector models, no matter how old the lamp is it can take just one sharp knock, or being left in an extreme temperature for a short while, to adversely affect the life of the bulb so it is worth keeping a replacement projector lamp on hand. How to change a projector lamp Possibly the most important point is to ensure that you only purchase genuine replacement projector lamps and you must get the right one for your projector model. Never use a projector bulb intended for another projector brand or model, such as using Epson projector lamps in a Sony projector. Make sure the old projector bulb has sufficiently cooled; otherwise it may explode with handling. As a general rule, ensure that your projector has had around 30 minutes to cool. Unplug the projector and remove the lamp cover, which is normally on the bottom of the projector and is held in place with screws or a clip. Remove the lamp module and the old projector lamp. Reverse the process to install your replacement projector lamp, switch the power back on and check the new lamp works. Remember to reset the projector hours in the lamp life menu option. Disposing of the old projector lamp Be sure to dispose of your old projector lamp carefully. Projector lamps should be recycled to ensure environmental safety. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: