How To Showcase Your Online Products To Increase

E.merce .petition is everywhere when it .es to selling online. You not only need a well designed web site but also a great marketing campaign to drive traffic. So let’s say you have done all the work and you have a .pelling site and a steady flow of online visitors, but what if your products are still not selling? The question you might ask yourself is "Am I showcasing my products the way customers want to see them?" All successful online shopping sites have one thing in .mon: great product photography. Here is how to increase your sales: Things You’ll Need: * DSLR Camera * Video Camcorder * Photo Editing Software * 360 Degrees Photography Studio Step 1 Take a great picture. You need to either purchase a good DSLR camera or hire a professional photographer to shoot your products. The investment is worth it. Take a picture of the product at a slight angle to show a more two-dimensional view of the product. Step 2 Build an Image Gallery. It always re.mended that you take more than one image if you have the time and budget. Image gallery needs to show front, side, back, top, and bottom views. This will allow the customers to visualize the product from all perspectives. Step 3 Implement a 360-Degree Product Photography. This new rich media solution has been around for many years. European shopping sites were the early adapters and the US retailers are following suite. It is a photography style that captures the products in multiple angles at multiple elevations creating an interactive 3D animation. Hiring a professional to do the job is necessary so you will have a precise angle and elevation for each shot. Step 4 Add a product review video. If you have a camera that has video functionality or a video camcorder, you should shoot the product and describe it as if you are buying it at the store. Lighting is everything. You need to either take the product to an outdoor environment or light up your room with bright fluorescent lights. Step 5 Add your new presentation to your website. Make sure you have a nice layout of all digital assets and provide instructions if you need to inform the visitor how to control the 3D viewer or use other features. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: