How to wear the United States throughout the fall Look at this one is enough (video)

How to wear the United States throughout the fall? This is enough to see the autumn of every year, people in the street there are a number of eye-catching elements appear in a whole piece of black and white ash is particularly eye-catching. It is because of these changes and new things, just make boring life becomes particularly interesting, every year, not necessarily represent the classic and classic security, it may represent super boring! So in the end what kind of elements will make you beautiful baby in the fall to become more style? Foreign fashion icon may have given the answer: [color] red red is a very classic color, can be very sexy, very eye-catching, very clean, very warm, but also very noble. In the autumn, red is the most suitable in, it will not be like looking at in the summer so hot, but for the entire autumn Look boring bring some special and warm. Whether the hair or indistinct red neck exposed, so that the overall look you become more chic. If there is no ah if there seems to be, this is the essence of High-fashion. These mixed with a dark red single product, so that the body has become a mix of clever. The red scarf, red bag, red vest, in a black and white ash, so that the whole people are dazzling up. Two dimensional Liu Yifei Xian Qi PK Fan Ye count Virgo red boots and socks are obsessive suddenly let the whole people are fashionable, like a European Street retro girl. Do you remember the girls street, the red socks with the good, can not be more fashionable!! Blue wind is considered sexless because senior looks very clean, cool autumn wind love girls as consider the blue and green lines, can make people look more white, no cold and pink nude color so unruly. Navy blue army blue is absolutely not the pick of the blue, you can put any white. Almost everyone has a navy blue coat, and this year it is still in the popular list. Sapphire sapphire blue is a very eye-catching blue, almost can make you stand out in the crowd. A large area of blue and blue green and blue skirt, people will have a clean and comfortable feeling. Princess Kate is also a blue heavy enthusiast, she has a lot of different pieces of different colors and styles of blue one, and the United Kingdom, three seasons throughout the year are feeling like autumn. This year Kelly green green seems to be very popular, this very high saturation green is unlikely to pick people, whether it is black or white, green against this concentration, will have a different feeling. [long] although the skirt is still a lot of girls to love after the fall, but this year seems to be particularly popular long skirts and trousers. Short paragraph looks young and fashionable, and long paragraph will make people look more! Yes! Gas! Field! Obviously, the drape dress, in the autumn will be very popular. And this kind of skirt can also cover not enough slender thighs, if the upper body thin, but also appears to be slender. From the summer has been popular since the wide leg pants, seems to have no intention to exit the meaning of autumn. This girl is a powerful gas field,!相关的主题文章: