Hubei women and Children Services Expo 5 theme pavilions.-pretty rhythm

Hubei women and Children Services Expo set 5 theme pavilions yesterday, provincial and Municipal Women’s Federation held a press conference, the third session of the Hubei provincial women and Children Services Industry Fair will be opened in Wuhan International Exhibition Center in October 15th, a period of 3 days. The Expo was hosted by the women’s Federation of Hubei provincial women’s Federation and the women’s Federation of Wuhan, with the theme of "I love my family Rochem Lan". The Expo includes 5 theme museum, are showing Hubei women innovation achievements "Mulan double achievement hall", attention to the healthy growth of children and families to establish a harmonious relation between the "public Mulan" Building Museum ", adults with children with hi" Mulan parent-child Museum ", to sell big milk and baby products to preferential price" Magnolia home life ", and can see all kinds of performances, but also to the Magnolia drama show". 15 to 17, third Chinese (Wuhan) International pregnant baby products fair held in the exhibition area of the Magnolia Family Living Museum ", hundreds of well-known brands of baby in this special offer Zhanmai, paper diapers, baby milk, strollers, seat etc.. On the 15 day, the third session of the third "·", "hand in hand in Jiangcheng", "10000 people’s blind date" will be held in the "Mulan drama show" in the exhibition area. The matching games, famous guests, talent shows and other close games will shorten the distance from each other and help young people to "take off the list". Single youth can pay close attention to the WeChat public number (zyy3232), understand the details and sign up, and also go to the on-site consultation and registration on the day of the activity. The consultation number is 68883334, 68883358. 15 to 17, "public market Mulan parenting experience Museum", the children can put their unused items to get the exchange or resale; "man of life" parent-child DIY can let children and adults together baking snacks, handicrafts and so on; AR game area is to let the kids feel a volcano, wave ntao days, and whale with super shock sense stimulus. (Changjiang Daily)

湖北妇女儿童服务业博览会 设5大特色主题馆区  昨日,省、市妇联召开新闻发布会介绍,第三届湖北省妇女儿童服务业博览会将于10月15日在武汉国际会展中心开幕,会期3天。  此次博览会由湖北省妇联和武汉市妇联主办,知音传媒集团承办,主题为“我爱我家 花开木兰”。博览会包括5大特色主题馆区,分别是展示湖北女性创新创业成果的“木兰双创成果馆”,关注儿童健康成长和家庭和谐关系构建的“‘公益木兰’建设馆”,大人带着孩子一起嗨的“木兰亲子体验馆”,以优惠价格出售大牌奶粉和母婴用品的“木兰家庭生活馆”,以及能看各类演出、还能相亲的“木兰剧秀场”。  15日至17日,第三届中国(武汉)国际孕婴童产品博览会在展区的“木兰家庭生活馆”举行,上百个知名品牌的孕婴童用品在此特价展卖,有纸尿布、婴儿奶粉、儿童推车、安全座椅等。  15日,第三届“知音缘·牵手在江城”万人相亲交友会在展区的“木兰剧秀场”举行,现场配对游戏、知名嘉宾才艺展示等相亲小游戏拉近彼此距离,帮助青年“脱单”。单身青年可关注知音缘微信公众号(zyy3232),了解详情并报名,也可于活动当天前往现场咨询报名,咨询电话68883334、68883358。  15日至17日,“木兰亲子体验馆”中有公益小集市,孩子们可以把自己的闲置物品拿到这交换或转卖;“漫生活”亲子DIY可以让大人和孩子一起烘焙点心、做手工艺品等;AR游戏区则让小朋友感受火山爆发、海浪涛天、与鲸鱼同游等超级震撼的感观刺激。(长江日报)相关的主题文章: