Iceland – Blue Lake, the natural beauty salon well-known, far and near verbal jint

Iceland, Blue Lake, the "natural beauty" well-known, far and near – Figure 1 this figure from the websites of Figure 2 Blue Lake, the "natural beauty" well-known, far and near Iceland around the island by car to nine (2014.8.8-18)] (Blue Lagoon) Iceland Blue Lake is well-known, far and near the big star". In Iceland tourism brochures, postcards, commercial advertising, Blue Lake is the protagonist of hundred-percent, even the Iceland music genie Bjork had its endorsement. A pair of lovers in the light blue hot spring water romantic snuggle, is our common Blue Lake classic publicity photos. Blue Lake is located in the southwest of Iceland, about 60 kilometers away from the capital, Iceland, as an important tourist attractions in the Golden Circle of tourism in Reykjavik, is one of the most visited tourist landscape in Iceland. Because of the Kaifulake from Iceland International Airport only 20 kilometers, people usually standing here as the first or last stop, Iceland travel to Blue Lake as a good start, or a trip to Iceland before the end of the perfect ending. Blue Lake is the largest hot spring in Iceland. It is in the midst of a bleak black volcanic rock, and the three giant chimneys of the Gao Watson Goni geothermal power plant are the landmarks. The formation of the Blue Lake is very special, the water through the underground high temperature volcanic lava long-term absorption evaporation, water rich in mineral crystals. According to the medical profession in Iceland, rich in a variety of minerals, Blue Lake hot springs, with soothing mental stress and health effects. Iceland Blue Lake is well-known, far and near "natural beauty", here called "geothermal hot springs spa", has become one of the most popular mode of Iceland tourism resort. In fact, Blue Lake is Iceland artificial most of the scenic spots, the volcano stones surrounded the pool is not made of natural hot springs is located, springs from elsewhere to extradition. Because of this, the Blue Lake in Iceland is also a few need to buy tickets for the scenic spots, and the price of pure hot adult fare is 40 euros, towels, bathrobes, slippers, swimming trunks, drinks activities surcharge. Even so, Blue Lake is still a popular choice for tourists in Iceland. Because Blue Lake for Iceland, it is equivalent to the status of Eiffel Tower in Paris, as a special symbolic significance. Many people say that Blue Lake is different from other natural attractions, the fare is too expensive, too commercial, overcrowding, although this is not false, but all the way to Iceland, if you do not go to Blue Lake, always feel that this feeling is called "feel like having lost bearings, maybe less than the Great Wall of non hero". I have to stay in the Blue Lake at the end of a journey around Iceland, because after a week long journey, after drinking a variety of visual impact and shock of heart beauty, body and mind need to relax in the Blue Lake spa can effectively relieve fatigue. Although previously seen in the online Blue Lake many beautiful pictures, but when I arrived here, still deeply attracted by the scene. Surrounded by dense black volcano stone in the hot spring pool, spring is like a Wang "hot blue milk", blue and white, hot Yantengteng, Xian Qi fluttering, unique environment and atmosphere, people feel like being outside star fam. I can not bear, quick shower dressing, into the dream food相关的主题文章: