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Insurance Most businesses are interested only in the bottom line. After all, keeping a business alive despite overheads, losses, lack of business and a stagnant market takes gumption. Through thick and thin, business owners soldier on, looking for new business avenues they can explore to make an in.e. It is understandable if a business owner works day and night to realise his dreams and goals since he owns the business and is invested in its success. But why should his employees display the same .mitment and passion? Expected to perform their duties on a monthly salary, employees may not be as motivated as the business owner, and may not share his vision for the .panys future. Many employees treat their employment as a means to a better job with higher pay. How can the business owner ensure a lower attrition rate and better performance? An employee can be motivated to work hard and stay in his current place of employment if he can see that the .pany appreciates his work and values his contribution. He must feel that the business is invested in his progress and that there is a special niche for him in the overall scheme of things. So how can employees be motivated? Try purchasing employee health insurance. Why take group insurance schemes? Taking insurance is the best way to safeguard ones future. Employees feel valued by their employer if they are offered employee medical insurance that extends to them and their family members. Most employees have not, hitherto, considered taking health insurance at all. Hence, the .panys idea of offering employee health insurance appeals to them. In some cases, .panies not offering group medical insurance may even be rejected by prospective recruits. Also, .panies not offering group health insurance stand to lose their employees to .panies that do. Taking group health insurance is affordable and easy, and you can take it for a specified number of employees. You can take both life and health insurance policies. The plan is extended to the employees family as well, and offers hospitalisation and treatment expenses. The employer pays the premiums on each of the mediclaim policies listed therein, or each employee pays a part of the premium in case they are on the higher side. Once the employee receives employee medical insurance and needs to use it for himself or a family member, he is not tempted to quit the .anisation soon this lowers employee attrition rates. Besides, being offered insurance is a huge incentive for many employees who may only have individual health plans but not family medical policies. Another incentive for employers to take group medical insurance is that they get tax benefits on paying the premiums. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: