In the poem autumn comfortable (after Tang and song to travel north and South) – Jilin Channe

In the poem autumn   comfortable (after Tang and song to travel north and South) – Jilin Channel – diagram of the leafy Xie Tiao lou. Reporter Sun Zhenshe figure II: Shanshan County Kumtag desert. Liu Yuan photo: Ji’an City, Jilin Province, the map of Tai Chi Bay leaves. Figure 4: picture rays in the Sima building. Xu Shanhai was taken to scan two-dimensional code to see more content such as maple Dan Ying Akiyama reporter   Du Mu (Tang) Zhu Dawei; Shan Xia, people have the clouds. Parking Fenglin love to sit late red flowers in February. The beautiful mountains and the beautiful, the cream leaves had similar qili. At the end of September, the Changbai Mountain is beautiful scenery. In the mountains, the most dazzling than red maple leaf. Maple leaf as Dan, attracted people can’t help stop and stare. The poet Du Mu’s a "parking Fenglin love to sit late" is not the most wonderful portrayal? However, see Changbai Mountain Hongye, we think Du Mu "Shan" in the poem, Han Shan and Shi Jing, Baiyun artistic conception though pure, but monotonous. Into the forest of Changbai Mountain, Mimizaza, red, yellow and green…… A variety of colors intertwined "five Huashan" waving. Because the maple leaf can be seen everywhere, the color is changeable, the form is numerous, therefore the appreciation maple leaf also needs to be fastidious specially. How to be picky? There must be accompanied by clear water leaves the tour. Water, mountain to add a divided aura, also leaves a beauty: or like a mirror shine, or like a jade belt winding, or sing the company, or is the dense clouds shrouded…… Because of the water and the leaves of different temperament beauty change constantly. Huinan County is located in the southeast of Jilin Province, is located in the Changbai Mountains and Songliao plain, is an important gateway into Changbai Mountain. Longwan River Forest Reserve in southeastern Huinan County is a good place for reward red. There are many crater lakes in Longwan. The surface area of the largest in Longwan, like a pearl of the mountains, surrounded by mountains reflected more bright. In the lake by boat, will be around the mountains afar red, sometimes partly hidden and partly visible fog. Is a landscape of lakes and mountains, Danxia. If Longwan leaves lacking a sense of intimacy, that not far from the DIAOSHUIHU scenic waterfall is a mountain range, a process of water, with red line. The wooden plank road built by the water, gentle stream flowing quietly, people are walking down when the water leaves the fiery reflection will intrude, surprised people. DIAOSHUIHU waterfall 10 meters wide, height of 6 meters, there is a water fountain like, from the cliff middle volley spray, such as kettle water poured from the pot mouth, so the name "diaoshuihu". The leaves falls surrounding no intensive sense of oppression, is often a red maple tree, and the surrounding green foil. In one ear, Brooks, eyes red shiny days. From the south southeast of the Changbai Mountain Hui marching through the hinterland, nearly 200 km away, came to the Lushuihe national Forest Park. Linhai Park preserved pine, Asia’s only country)相关的主题文章: