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Data-Recovery Among all the data loss scenarios, losing photos is perhaps the hardest thing. When you delete a photo you are in fact erasing some of your most cherished memories or events that you always wanted to keep with you. You will be ready to try out and listen to anyone who offers a solution for recovering deleted photos. This article will help you understand the basics about deleted photo recovery. Before I move on let me state that it is possible to recover deleted photos. However, this cannot be taken as a blanket statement, since there are many factors that could .e in the way of recovering deleted photos. How do photos get deleted? Photos can get deleted from the memory card or from a hard drive, after you have transferred it to a PC or laptop. Accidental deletion or formatting the memory card, or using the reset option in the camera are some of the .mon ways you tend to delete photos from the digital camera. After transferring the photos to the hard drive, it could be lost due to accidental deletion or formatting of the drive or partition. If your files are infected with virus this could also lead to deletion of photos. Can you really recover deleted photos? Deleted photo recovery as I said earlier, is possible subject to certain conditions. This is because when you delete a photo, the photo does not get erased. Instead the file system will erase the pointers to this photo and mark the space occupied by the photo as unused space. When you create new data or when you store more photos, the system will utilize this space. Till the system stores new data, your photo remains in the hard drive or memory card and can be retrieved. Deleted photo recovery is possible only if you refrain from using hard drive or memory card after you lose data. How do you recover deleted photos? There are three ways of recovering deleted photos. You can use a freeware, shareware or by sending the hard drive or memory card to a service lab enabled with clean room. Freeware can be downloaded from the inter. without any charges, whereas you need to buy a license for shareware. Using a freeware or a shareware for deleted photo recovery is convenient and less time consuming than sending the hard drive or memory card to the service lab. Whether you select freeware or shareware version of recovery software for deleted photo recovery make sure that the product can recover deleted photos by reading the hard drive. Though it is possible to recover photos deleted by virus, or even after using the hard drive or memory card, after deleting photos, the usability of the photos cannot be assured. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: