Is It True That Basement Remodeling Can Increase Your Mold

Home-Improvement Unfortunately it is true that some attempts at basement remodeling have led to people creating mold problems for themselves. This can .e as a huge disappointment to people who put a lot of effort into creating their own dream basement home theatre or playroom only to find that they have to rip everything out to deal with mold. This can all be avoided if people put some thought into preventing mold before they begin their basement remodeling project. If you want to prevent mold from spoiling your basement remodeling you will need to understand a bit about the habitat that this fungus prospers in. It wont be necessary for you to go too deep into biology for this because you only need a bit of information. The first thing that you need to understand is that mold is a type of fungus. Some molds are quite useful because they help with biodegradation and they have even made it possible for us to have antibiotics. Mold survives by excreting enzymes onto dead organic material and absorbing the broken down material that this creates. This dead organic material can be things like wood and cloth material. Mold can thrive in temperatures above four degrees Celsius and when conditions are not favorable it can wait in a dormant state. It also needs moisture in order to grow. Mold creates spores by which it can reproduce. Now that you know a little about mold you can think of ways to prevent it an issue for your basement remodeling project. This means that you should not allow the conditions to arise that mold thrives in. The most effective way you can do this is removing moisture from the equation. Unfortunately basements tend to be damp places, and this is why it is a favorite home for mold. There are a number of possible reasons for why basements are damp and you will need to discover the reasons in your case in order to remedy the situation. The two usual culprits are water .ing from outside or condensation from inside the house. You might have an issue with high humidity and for this you will need a dehumidifier. You will also need to ensure that your basement is .pletely waterproof and that the land outside your home is sloping away from the house. . If you install a shower in your basement then this can be a big problem unless you also install vents to allow the condensation to escape the basement. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: