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Jane Zhang’s "open letter" sound: my own family property management will deal with – Fujian channel — people.com.cn original title: Jane Zhang on the "open letter" voice: do you want to do. The value of some users comments reflect but also a lot of netizens said Jane Zhang ignored the feelings of the family, after all, his mother through the media knew his daughter’s marriage, for a mother feel sad. 张靓颖微博原文: 第一,我跟冯轲十几年来,整天不见面的时间不超过十天,没有任何原则性问题的可能,请大家不要乱猜疑;第二,自从妈妈表示这种担忧之后,我的财产已经自己管理;第三,房子是很早的时候买的,那时候没那么多存款,所以贷款了三十年,房子还贷是银行卡自动绑定的,每月自己就转账了,再加上一直忙碌,就忽略了这个事情,但也在妈妈提出后于两年前就还清了;第四,我们在北京的事业一直是共同打拼,互相扶持到今天,没有谁要害谁,股权变更的事情当初也是投资方的建议,这一点我也证实过了,而且目前的股权也已经再变更 After many times, it will continue to change because of the change of the company’s structure. Fifth, my mother is a simple person. Please don’t use her mood again. She doesn’t understand the harm of public opinion or the consequences of doing things. I can face everything, I can take it, but so many years let her away from the circle, that is, she does not want to be involved in any harm. I can understand that she loves my heart and will continue to explain to her patiently, just as I have been doing for two years. I can understand the generation gap between the two generations, but I will only explain it patiently, but I will not be blind. I’m not a fool, I have the direction I want. It doesn’t wait until the old time has a lot of money, there are several houses, there is a sense of security. But before I die, I can do what I want to do and reflect the value I live. 如果我一事无成,抱着金山银山也不会有安全感。 I talked about all the bad assumptions to my mother in communication, just to let her know that it was the worst. What’s more, those bad possibilities are just my assumptions. I have a judgment because I have trust. My family, I will deal with and communicate, I will not bother you. Thank! (commissioning editor Yao Luying and Zhang Zijian) 张靓颖就母亲的“公开信”发声:我的财产自己管理 家事会自己处理–福建频道–人民网 原标题:张靓颖就“公开信”发声:做自己想做的事体现活过的价值     部分网友评论       但是,也有很多网友表示张靓颖忽略了家人的感受,毕竟自己的妈妈通过媒体才知道女儿的婚讯,替张妈妈感到伤心。    张靓颖微博原文:    第一,我跟冯轲十几年来,整天不见面的时间不超过十天,没有任何原则性问题的可能,请大家不要乱猜疑;第二,自从妈妈表示这种担忧之后,我的财产已经自己管理;第三,房子是很早的时候买的,那时候没那么多存款,所以贷款了三十年,房子还贷是银行卡自动绑定的,每月自己就转账了,再加上一直忙碌,就忽略了这个事情,但也在妈妈提出后于两年前就还清了;第四,我们在北京的事业一直是共同打拼,互相扶持到今天,没有谁要害谁,股权变更的事情当初也是投资方的建议,这一点我也证实过了,而且目前的股权也已经再变更过了多次,以后也会因为公司架构的变动需求继续变更;第五,我妈妈是个单纯的人,请不要再利用她的情绪,她不懂舆论的伤害,也不懂做事的后果。我什么都可以面对,可以承担,但这么多年让她远离这个圈子,就是不想她卷入到任何伤害当中。我可以理解她爱我的心,也会继续耐心地跟她解释,就像我这两年来一直在做的一样。我可以明白两代人的代沟,但我只会耐心解释,但并不会盲从。我不是傻瓜,我有我想要的方向。不是等到老了有一笔不菲的存款,有几栋房子,就有安全感。而是在我死之前,能够做完我想做的事,体现我活过的价值。如果我一事无成,抱着金山银山也不会有安全感。我在沟通当中,把所有糟糕的假设都跟妈妈聊过,为的只是想让她知道,最坏也不过如此。何况,那些坏的可能,也都只是我的假设。我有判断是因为我有信任。我的家事,我会自己处理和沟通,就不麻烦大家了。感谢!   (责编:姚璐莹、张子剑)相关的主题文章: