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Jia Kang: China financial reform has six aspects – imperative zhongxinwangzhongxinwang in Deqing on 24 September, (reporter Zhou Rui) dean of the new supply of Chinese economics, financial China Science Research Institute researcher Jia Kang 24, said at Mogan Mountain, innovation China financial reform has six aspects imperative. Jia Kang is co sponsored by the youth reform and innovation forum and other institutions, the national development and Reform Commission and the International Cooperation Center for support and guidance of the units of the fifth session of the China Youth Reform Forum (the new Mogan Mountain meeting? 2016) "he said. Jia Kang pointed out that, first, in China to promote substantive financial reform is imperative. He said that some of China’s financial services and supply for many years in a state of shortage, if there is a more effective competition mechanism, will be able to eliminate or at least alleviate this shortage. Second, to the development of financial reform to support the real economy upgrading, "(China) in front of the economy has made remarkable achievements, then can restrict the upgrading of unable to break the ceiling, this is a real challenge, financial must play its role in service in this area". Third, the development of the generalized concept of policy oriented finance is imperative. Jia Kang believes that the financial policy should have the characteristics different from the general commercial finance must be the icing on the cake, adding a healthy and sustainable mechanism timely assistance, none of these may be mere talk. Fourth, the combination of Finance and the Internet, modern information technology, new technology revolution is imperative. Fifth, the combination of financial and PPP imperative. Jia Kang pointed out that the development of PPP in China there is an objective need there is a broad space, but also accompanied by a series of difficulties. To further upgrade the development process in Chinese middle generation, PPP is relatively a very easy innovation matters to achieve win-win results, the finance should play in this contribution need attention. Sixth, under the premise of risk control, the process of internationalization of RMB is imperative. Jia Kang pointed out that we must create conditions to find the opportunity to promote the convertibility of capital account, full liberalization, in order to achieve the broad road of internationalization of the rmb. (end)相关的主题文章: