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Jie Zhenhua: "12th Five-Year" carbon intensity cumulative drop of 20% over the completion of the new network in the new network in November – 1, climate change Chinese affairs special representative Jie Zhenhua said on the 1, China government attaches great importance to addressing climate change, "12th Five-Year" carbon intensity, the cumulative decline of 20%, exceeded the 17% of the target to determine the planning 12th Five-Year ". 1, the State Council Information Office held a press conference to introduce China’s response to climate change policies and actions in the annual report on the situation, and answered a reporter’s question. Jie Zhenhua introduction, Chinese government attaches great importance to addressing climate change, "since 12th Five-Year" to promote green low-carbon development as an important part of ecological civilization construction, as a significant opportunity to accelerate the transformation of economic development mode, adjust the economic structure, adhere to co-ordinate domestic and international two overall situation, actively take strong policy action, effective control of greenhouse gas emissions and enhance the ability to adapt to climate change, promote the work of climate change has made significant progress. 12th Five-Year carbon intensity decreased by 20%, exceeding the 12th Five-Year plan to determine the objectives and tasks of 17%. To further optimize the energy structure, 2015 non fossil energy in primary energy consumption reached 12%, exceeding the "12th Five-Year" plan proposed by the 11.4% target, the forest volume increased to 15 billion 137 million cubic meters, achieved in 2020 to increase the forest stock volume goal in advance. Jie Zhenhua said that as of September 2016, the country’s 7 pilot carbon market quota spot volume reached 1.2 tons of carbon dioxide, carbon market pilot, the cumulative turnover of more than RMB 3 billion 200 million yuan. These developments highlight China’s commitment to action to combat climate change. Chinese government is actively involved in the negotiation process "the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change" under, firmly safeguard principles and framework of the Convention, adhere to the principle of equity and common but differentiated responsibilities and respective capabilities in principle, follow the party rules of multilateral negotiations leading, transparency, broad participation and consensus, strengthen the comprehensive convention effective and sustained implementation. Maintain close communication and coordination in major developed countries China with the United States, the European Union, through the "basic" and "similar positions of developing countries’ negotiation group, strengthen the developing internal unity and cooperation, to promote the Paris agreement of historic significance, play a key role, has made outstanding contribution. Jie Zhenhua said, Chinese actively support developing countries to improve their ability to cope with climate change, through the establishment of the South South Cooperation Fund for climate change, "12th Five-Year" since the Chinese government invested a total of 580 million yuan for small island states, the least developed countries and African countries and other developing countries provides material and equipment assistance, provide strong support for the participate in the international negotiations on climate change, policy planning, personnel training, and started to carry out the 10 low-carbon demonstration area, 100 climate change mitigation and adaptation projects in developing countries, and trained 1000 climate change experts and officials.相关的主题文章: