Kingdom Hearts 3 story Mickey Mouse again, Sora exposure noreply

"Kingdom Hearts 3" story again, Mickey Mouse exposure Sora Kingdom Hearts 3 squaresoft AI Nicks recently on the area of "Kingdom Hearts 3" news of the silent, because "Final Fantasy 15" on sale soon, and "Kingdom Hearts 3" has not yet been completed, the need to wait until next year, so now announced any news is not a good time. Kingdom Hearts 3 but in the last Play Arts exposure to "Kingdom Hearts" "Sora" model, we can get some interesting information about the background, the story is written in hand to do next, reads as follows: "the world is" Single Master "rule, the dark and justice contest triggered at any moment. After many adventures, our protagonist Sola is a veteran in battle, in order to grow a hundred-percent hero. At last after the end of the war, the darkness struck again, Sora and his partners have convened seven guardian of light against darkness, Sora’s friend Rick, Mickey is searching for the key props edge, scarred and Donald, goofy, and others have also embarked on a search for the world to the heart of the key to the door, "Kingdom Hearts 3" the story which launched. Kingdom Hearts 3 previous games, design director Nomura Tetsuya recently told Fami magazine discussed some "Kingdom Hearts 3" of the story, he said the story is very large, he is also very worried about how to correctly render such a huge story. "I’m not the story spread too much, but if I will be divided into several parts of the plot, the core will destroy the" Kingdom Hearts "experience. In fact, the heart of the kingdom of 3 is very large, the work will not be castrated version, and we are most worried about is how to present such a huge piece of work." For me, I have made a lot of RPG, I think that during the initial stages of a game, rather than let the game player to listen to the lengthy introduction, let them immediately open adventure, so I will try to make the interpretation process be as brief as possible." Kingdom Hearts 3 "so maybe people will ask why Sora will appear in this? "Kingdom Hearts 3" start may be a bit abrupt, but if you continue to play, will have a more complete understanding of the story." The heart of the Kingdom 3 has gone through a long development cycle, will be landing PS4 and Xbox One platform, the specific date of sale has not yet been determined. (source: gamersky editor: Sen) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: