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Kunlun founder Jiang Hua: 2016 from martial power to martial power – Sohu sports   sheep year is about to pass, the monkey year is in front of the new year, I represent the Kun media and the "Kunlun" all the staff to send New Year greetings to our friends! I wish you a happy new year, good health, smooth work and good luck! Kunlun has entered the third year of its development. Two years ago, Kunlun decided to build a world class brand from China to china. Two years later, Kunlun won the "world’s best annual event Award" in the selection of international authoritative media, winning the best two year old gift for themselves. This is not my personal merit, this is the joint efforts of the team, is to catch up with the policy support, Chinese boxing market soaring era. Some people ask me, what is Kunlun’s greatest achievement? Jiangsu satellite TV broadcast ratings go high? Is the world star "wiped out"? Or to reshape the industrial chain with the Internet thinking, to create a market value of $300 million brand? None of them! Kunlun is the biggest achievement is to let the world see the martial spirit has China, see China fighting competitions fair, see Chinese boxer’s courage and progress, to see the rise of a nation of martial arts! What can people do? We may not be smarter than others, but we have a sense of mission and responsibility, and we are more persistent than others! We look for directions, ignore questions, move forward, grow wild. The results already belong to the past, 2016 Kunlun team will use more passion, bring more surprises and achievements. Next year there will be more world class star boxers going to the Kunlun game, and we will open the door to all the Chinese elite athletes, as long as you have the courage and strength, we will not let anyone be buried. At the same time, Kunlun B class competition will also be fully started, in the country and even around the world level selection of talents, so that more people will have the opportunity to take the game in Kunlun. In the extension of the industrial chain, Kunlun in addition to clothing, FMCG, online and offline teaching, video games, but also into the security field, Kunlun is not only in the arena upload positive energy, will really enter everyone’s life. China has thousands of years of martial arts history, there are tens of millions of martial arts practitioners, we are martial arts power. I hope that through the development of Kunlun, from talent excavation training to top event platform to build, to promote the upgrading of China’s fight industry, to help more martial arts people grow, so that China’s martial power into a real martial arts power. In this historic moment of challenge and opportunity, we hope to join hands with colleagues who are interested in the development of Wushu, open their arms, cooperate and win together! 昆仑决创始人姜华:2016从武术大国到武术强国-搜狐体育     羊年即将过去,猴年就在眼前,辞旧迎新之际,我代表昆尚传媒与《昆仑决》所有工作人员向朋友们致以新年问候!祝朋友们新年快乐、身体健康、工作顺利、万事如意!   昆仑决迈入发展的第三个年头,两年前昆仑决提出打造世界级品牌,从中国制造到中国创造。两年后昆仑决在国际权威媒体评选中获“全球年度最佳赛事奖”,为自己赢得最好的两周岁礼物。这不是我个人的功劳,这是团队的共同努力,是赶上了政策支持、中国搏击市场腾飞的大时代。   有人问我,昆仑决最大的成就是什么?是江苏卫视的播出收视走高?是把世界级明星“一网打尽”?还是以互联网思维重塑产业链,创造3亿美金的品牌市值?都不是!昆仑决最大的成就是让世界看到拥有尚武精魂的中国,看到中国搏击赛事公平公正,看到中国拳手的勇气和进步,看到一个武术大国的崛起!昆尚人凭什么能做到这些?我们也许并不比别人更聪明,但我们有使命感和责任感,我们比别人更执着!我们认准方向,不理会质疑,勇往直前,野蛮生长。   成绩已经属于过去,2016年昆仑决团队将用更饱满的激情,带来更多的惊喜和成绩。明年将有更多的世界级明星拳手走上昆仑决的赛场,同时我们也会向所有中国优秀运动员敞开大门,只要你有勇气和实力,我们不会让任何一个人才被埋没。与此同时昆仑决B 级赛也将全面启动,在全国甚至世界范围层层选拔人才,让更多人能有机会走上昆仑决的赛场。在产业链延伸上,昆仑决除了服饰、快消品、线上线下教学、影视游戏,还会进入安保领域,昆仑决不光在擂台上传播正能量,会真正走进每一个人的生活。   中国有着千年的武术历史,有着数千万的武术练习者,我们是武术大国。我希望能通过昆仑决的发展,从人才挖掘培训到顶级赛事平台打造,推动中国搏击产业的升级,帮助更多武术人成长,让中国武术大国转变为真正的武术强国。在这挑战和机遇并存的历史性时刻,我们希望携手有志于武术发展的同伴,敞开怀抱,合作共赢,一起同行!相关的主题文章: