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Arts-and-Entertainment Liberty Leading the People is a painting created by Eugene Delacroix characterized by Romanticism and now it is collected at the Louvre in Paris. This painting has another name, July 27, 1830, .memorating the Revolution between 27 t o 29 July of 1830, which is called "Glorious Three Days". A woman personifying Liberty leads the people forward over the bodies of the fallen, holding the tricolor flag of the French Revolution in one hand and brandishing a bayoneted musket with the other. The painting is perhaps Delacroix’s best-known work. Liberty Leading the People was created based on the revolution of July 1830. France. In order to enhance the imperial power, the Bourbon dynasty announced the dissolution of parliament and limited citizens’ right to vote and press. A girl named Clara Lessing first lifted the French and then a young man Alair put the flag on a bridgehead beside the Notre Dame de Paris but he was soon shot down. The young girl in the painting, who was in the smoke, holding the flag in one hand and another hand with a gun, leading people to fight ahead. Next to her, the colors of the shirt and belt in a man were just like those of the tricolor. We could also see there is a Republic flag flying in the North. People were looking forward to the .ing of the freedom and this was a true portrayal of the uprising participants. Liberty Leading the People was finished after hundreds of pieces of drafts by the painter. When Liberty Leading the People was painted, Delacroix had been well-known as the promoter of the Romanism painting in French. He was a famous French Romantic artist. Delacroix advocated the ideas and style of romanticism and academic art which made emphasis on precise drawing, using freely brushed color to create paintings. Delacroix made full use of expressive brushstrokes, at the same time he studied the optical effects of color which made a great impact on Impressionists and his passion for the exotic greatly influenced the artists of the Symbolist movement. Reflecting the revolution of 1830, Liberty Leading the People is one of the best works of Delacroix’s romanticism paintings. The painter praises this revolutionary movement with unrestrained enthusiasm. The female holding the tricolor embodies romanticism characteristics. She is healthy, strong, firm and beautiful, leading the workers, intellectuals to fight ahead. The dramatic effect results from the strong light and shadow, creating a strong, tense, passionate atmosphere together with the blazing colors and powerful .position and at the end makes this painting filled with a vivid and active and exciting power. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: