Lou Jiwei is actively promoting the reform of personal income tax and real estate tax widcomm

Lou Jiwei: is actively promoting the personal income tax and real estate tax reform moderator Su Shiyu: Recently, Minister of finance, said the Ministry of finance, will actively promote the reform of the tax system of real estate tax in. Real estate tax is a comprehensive concept, that is, all directly related to the real estate economy and the movement of the real estate tax. Today, the real estate tax levy will be how to play a role in the development trend of the real estate tax, how to promote the impact of real estate taxes and other content to do a detailed explanation. Lou Jiwei, Minister of finance, November 4th, in the financial and national governance and fiscal think tank 60 years of the seminar in a written statement, environmental protection tax, personal income tax, real estate tax reform is actively promoting. Lou Jiwei said, in order to improve the budget management system, improve the tax system, and establish powers and expenditure responsibilities to adapt to the core content of the reform of the taxation system, promote the introduction of a number of efforts, a component of the results of the reform, construction of a modern financial system has taken substantial steps. Promote real estate tax will affect prices? Experts believe that the real estate tax, including real estate business tax, personal income tax, real estate tax, land value-added tax, deed tax and other taxes, the real estate tax levy is a tax change. The purpose is to mainly from the current housing circulation tax, to hold tax collection, which will be able to curb real estate speculation to some extent, and forced some of the housing stock into the market, changes in market supply and demand, the entire housing market healthy and stable of great significance. Jia Kang, Dean of the new supply of Chinese Economics said that the effect of real estate tax is that it will make the real estate market more stable, robust, so that they can reduce the bubble in the middle of operation, curb reckless speculation, but also for the vacant room, adding to arouse the rental market will benefit. At Tsinghua Chinese and the world economy research center Yuan Gangming believes that China’s real estate has become the investment market, is not a real estate tax, credit limit restriction no way to curb investment and speculation, the real estate tax to stop no purchase cost. The real estate tax throughout the country to start the first legislation, this is currently in this link. The day before, President Liu Shangxi Chinese Fiscal Science Research Institute said that the National People’s Congress is legislation on real estate tax, when it depends on the NPC’s legislative process. Jia Kang believes that the central government to speed up the real estate tax legislation, but in fact, in recent years has not accelerated. Taking into account in the next period of time, China’s economy is likely to fall into the middle-income trap 50% probability, Jia Kang believes that the next 5 years, the probability of the introduction of China’s real estate tax is also $50%. As for the price, the industry generally believe that the real estate tax can indeed inhibit the establishment of a number of suites to a certain extent, but not suppress the price of weapons. From Shanghai, Chongqing pilot situation, the momentum of rising house prices have not been fundamentally curbed. Determine the most fundamental factor is the relationship between supply and demand. (Securities Daily)相关的主题文章: